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Old 02-05-2010, 12:56 AM   #15
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Drives: '10 UG 4dr 6sp
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Originally Posted by iLIKEgti View Post
You're all over the map.
Heh, tell me about it. I could swing the S4 (DINK = dual income no kids), but the practical side of me is saying that money would be better saved for now. My wife was all for the S4, and we'll probably get her an S5 next year when her S2000 lease is up, but I guess I'm more miserly. As I mentioned before, I'd love to drive a 135 or 335, but they almost literally clog the roads around here and I enjoy driving something a little different.

Sure, I'll miss AWD in rainy season and on onramps (nothing like taking a 270 degree properly banked ramp @ 75 w/all 4 tires chirping ), but that's actually part of the reason I'm getting bored w/the STI - I know what it can do, but there's nowhere to use it here.

Oh and I found that apr dealer link demise937, just wondering if you knew anything about the Broward shop (Coral Springs I think).
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Old 02-05-2010, 11:01 AM   #16
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One thing i can tell you is a GTI is 100% better for long trips. I drove an '07 STI 14 hours to Chicago and it was not that fun. I drove my '10 GTI to Tallahassee and back and it was great. A lot smoother and quieter.
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Old 02-05-2010, 04:45 PM   #17
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Originally Posted by droidekaus View Post
'08 Subaru STI, modded to stg II HP/TRQ output. Do I miss it? Not a fucking chance. The GTI actually corners flatter and has WAY better steering input and feedback. I don't need AWD in Texas and frankly don't miss the grip or the sketchy transmission.

Before that, it was an '07 Subaru legacy GT 5MT, an '04 Subaru STI, stg II (do miss that beast) and an '02 350Z.

Here's a pic of the last car:
Man, we've had a similar history

My recent cars include:

2006 Legacy GT Stage 2 + Springs/Sways/Tires put 35k miles on it in 14 months.
2006 WRX - stock, only owned a couple weeks before I realized I wanted the legacy instead
2004 WRX stage 2.5 - Was (at the time of 2005) my DREAM CAR. Loved that car to death - - - -

Originally Posted by dowright82 View Post
Just finished running about 40 laps around a 1.8 mile road course here in Nashville TN . . .

My car: 2010 2 Door White GTI 6-speed

Bone stock except for

Hawk HP+ Pads (amazing)
TRMotorsports MT-1 17x8 Wheels
Bridgestone RE50 225/45/17 (140 treadwear)

Let me first say I've driven MANY cars hard (WRX, 911 turbo, Legacy GT, Mustang GT, Mercedes 320 kompressor, mercedes sl500 amg)

My impressions of our cars on a track:


1) XDS is phenomenal, I don't care what you've heard or who you have heard it from

2) Our suspension STOCK is absolutely WONDERFUL on a track. VW got it RIGHT this time. This track was VERY dynamic with lots of off-camber turns, 2 hairpins, and a long straight where I reached about 118-120 before braking for hard left.

3) Even though I only had about 2600 miles on the car, I did NOT take it easy. Once I figured out optimum tire pressures, my car was truly overtaking much more (should have been) capable cars, including my good friends TRACK-PREPPED integra type-r (i'm not lying, he had to let me pass twice and has MUCH more track experience than me)

4) Some cars in my 2 heats (i raced in two because I was the official photographer) Dodge Viper, Mazda RX-7 (track prepped, and one of the few cars i had to let pass), Honda s2000 (very fast, lots of mods), bmw 2002, TWO e46 m3s (couldn't keep up, probably due to drivers, but I'm not sure), Supercharged 2000 mustang GT (continued to slow me down and be an ass until I finally changed heats)

5) The lightweight wheels and aggressive tires no doubt, helped me a lot, but I want you to know that anyone who says these cars need Big Brake Upgrades if full of sh*t. I was putting this car though tougher braking scenarios than i've ever put through a car (WITH STOCK FLUID) and my HP+ pads NEVER ONCE showed signs of fade. Our vented front rotors do the job just fine!!

6) Track your car. You will NEVER fall more in love with it.

Pictures (of course, none of my car since I was the photographer) and in car VIDEO soon to come!!
SOLD: 2010 Candy White 2-door 6MT
Autotech Insert | Stage 1 APR | HP+ Pads (track) | APR Rear 27mm sway (lightest setting) | BSH Trueseal Intake | TR Motorsports MT-1 Wheels | 255/45/17 Hankook EVO V12 Rubber | Driver Mod
CURRENT: 1997 E36 M3 Sedan (STOCK) for now My Photography and Web Design
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Old 02-16-2010, 10:48 AM   #18
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Drives: '10 UG 4dr 6sp
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Well, I pulled the trigger. STI is gone, GTI sits in the garage. Couldn't be happier w/the car or the results of the deal, though it only has ~25 miles on it at the moment. Dealer trade matched what I'd expected from private party less sales tax (imagine that!), got 1.9% / 60 mo. on the balance, invoice pricing, and I'll be saving a nice chunk on a new vehicle, not to mention ~$250 yr less on insurance...

So, I got a United Gray 4 door manual, Autobahn, Xenons, Dynaudio, and 18" Topas wheels (and even picked up the unlimited wheel warranty deal). I'll break it in, then will likely go the APR stage 1 route sometime over the summer.

First impressions, mostly on features since I haven't had much seat time - this car has a LOT of them. Tons of configurable options from footwell lighting to a zillion radio settings. Wife loves the touch screen, and I'll try out the ipod connection w/my 8gb touch later today. Dynaudio was a worthwhile upgrade from what I can tell so far, clear and crisp sound. I'm getting used to the much lighter clutch (anyone felt the weight of the Subie's clutch?), but it's quite precise in its pickup point and shifts very very smoothly. Xenons - also worth it - can't imagine going back to halogens.

I'm quite pleased all around but time will tell. I think I made a great decision. Might get some pics up later - have to go back to the dealer to get the Topas installed when they arrive later this week. I'm looking forward to hanging around this forum as well

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Old 02-17-2010, 10:31 AM   #19
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Drives: '10 UG 4dr 6sp
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Location: SE FL
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So day 1 was spent commuting (as usual) w/a short drive at lunchtime around a nearby office park w/some actual curves All I can say after hustling it through some deserted sweepers is wow, this car's XDS and handling characteristics seem to equal those of the STI, though the feel is different (to be expected). I can't say for sure just yet, but turn-in, body motion, and control actually all feel somewhat tighter than the STI did on the same spots at just about the same speeds, which I didn't expect. Where the STI muscled itself through corners w/pure power and AWD tugging away, the GTI carves like a knife and exploits its XDS / diff system. Need to read up some more on exactly how XDS works, but I get the general concept... I don't think it'll be as forgiving grip-wise (duh), but w/the 18's the GTI really digs in. I don't mind the ride / noise of the 18's at all either - in fact I'd say the GTI transmits about 2/3 less road noise than the Subaru did - better wheel well sound deadening? suspension geometry? Anyways, this is a driver's car for sure, it just also happens to have a lot of really trick features for the price.

Yes, power is significantly less, but as a poster mentioned earlier in the thread, I suppose my priorities have changed and it just doesn't matter given that the handling and comfort are on par and much better than the STI. Now I need to get through break-in and get some tint ASAP!

Oh and is the mpg indicator pretty accurate in these cars? If so, I should get about 27-28 all around since 45 of my ~50 mile daily commute is highway STI was lucky to see 22 all around, more often closer to 20-21. More later!
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Old 02-17-2010, 11:23 AM   #20
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Congrats on the new car. Sounds like it was the right choice for you.
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Old 02-23-2010, 01:58 AM   #21
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Hey foobert, I am in the same boat as well. I currently have a 07 sti, everything stock other than the catback, nav, wingless trunk. I am thinking about a mk vi as well... I am expecting my first born in may and I too want to loose some of my boy racer out of me and still enjoy the car but perhaps to be in more of a refine car. After reading a few people that had problems and issues (mainly dsg) on the forums. Realiabilty comes into my mind, since having a warranty and a car that is consitant is very important to me. It sounds to me you are enjoying your gti. Any input coming from an ex subie owner to a current subie owner?
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Old 02-23-2010, 10:52 AM   #22
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Drives: '10 UG 4dr 6sp
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GTIMunkey - so far so good (all 260 miles worth). Loving the driving dynamics, and the "upscale" interior compared to the Suby. The GTI lacks much of the rawness of the STI, which is what I've been looking for without breaking the bank, so I think this will be a long and happy relationship. I was a bit worried I'd miss the power, but thus far find the GTI has a bunch of pull in 6th @ 70-75mph - where it's needed on good old die-95 here in south Florida. I'm consistently surprised with how well the car corners and handles with ease, minus the high levels of driver input the STI required. Clutch takeup took a little getting used to after the Suby's truck-like / mechanical feel, but I'm loving it now. Given that you're starting a family and the GTI is 5 star side impact rated, I'd say it's a good choice. We'll see about consistency / reliability, but the research I did led me to believe it'll be average to above average. I'd rate the STI a good bit above average as well - mine never had a thing wrong in 4 years. AWD is nice, but here in south FL it's by no means required - probably like SoCal. MPG so far is ~26, which is 6+ more than the STI on it's best days (combined).

Let us know what you decide!
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Old 03-11-2010, 04:02 PM   #23
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Moved to vs
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Old 03-16-2010, 12:21 AM   #24
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You dont happen to live in sarasota do you? I live close to there and i saw a gti today a united gray 4 door one too. I

have a candy white coupe with xenons dynaaudio dsg autobahn bluetooth and navi. Id love to see if theres anyone near

me .
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Old 03-16-2010, 01:41 AM   #25
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If you can afford the s4, go with that!
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Old 03-16-2010, 08:14 AM   #26
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Wow that's a heck of a trade. I've always loved the 06-07 STIs for their looks...and of course the sound...God the sound is sooo beautiful. I could listen to STIs drive by all day and never get bored. I'm in a similar boat though that you were power wise...I thought for sure on my test drive that I was just going to be bored because of the lesser power of the GTI...but it was astonishingly faaarr more fun to drive than my car. The test drive guy was a real big VW nut and frequented trips up to ECS tuning (which I live really close to) so he took me on some fun back roads and my God does this car just seem like it wants more and more no matter how hard you push it. I was shocked at how many toys and gadgets and gizmos could be packed into this thing for the money. I fell in love with driving all over again on that test drive and I cannot wait to buy one of these things.
'08 Cobalt SS - not stock
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Old 04-05-2010, 08:26 PM   #27
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I'm considering the same trade. I currently have an '08 STi and have been looking at the '10 GTI. I really like the GTI's interior, especially the interlagos cloth seats. The GTI, like the STi, seems like a great do-it-all performance car...quick, fun, practical, good looking, etc.

BTW, does anyone have a photo of a Red 5 door GTI with the black karthoum wheels? TIA
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