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Old 10-24-2011, 07:55 PM   #15
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I think mine was $29,500, before TTL, etc..
Originally Posted by OmniGLH View Post
Everybody knows GunKata > *.*

No GunKata, no care.

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Fwiw, I bought a 2012 4 door autobahn w/ manual this week, and there were a total of 9 with that configuration in either red, black, or carbon in the continental US when the dealer was searching for the car on the vw inventory site. The combination of autobahn, manual, and four door seems to be a hard to find setup. If you can live with two doors, those seem to be abundant in most colors. I ended up getting a DBP car the dealer found a state over. My deal involved a trade in of a base 2010 golf two door manual with 31k miles in good condition but minor body damage on bumper, a 6.5% tax, gap insurance, 1.9% financing for 60 months and I'm paying $580 a month. I put $1k down. I owed $14.3k on the golf. Hope that helps. That works to a pretax price of about $30k on the new car, depending on how you value the golf. Backing out the tax, gap insurance, finance charge, and the negative equity of my trade in, I feel this was a very good deal. My advice is to determine what value you place on the car, what your willingness to pay is in total if you plan to finance, and negotiate from there.
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