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Old 05-04-2010, 11:33 PM   #1
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mkvi vs...'10 jetta wolfsburg

So I was coming home from a softball game this evening and pull up to a stoplight. I see jetta lights coming up from behind kind of aggressive and pull up next to me at the stoplight. No big deal, red light. It turns green and neither of us really jump off the line. Just your normal 9 pm cruise on a Tuesday night.

Next red light comes up and I think to myself...let's have a little fun. We just won our softball game, I'm feeling good and its a wolfsburg next to me...I saw the badge, no big deal. Side note: I used to own an '07 wolfsburg before my gti and knew exactly what that car could do, with a 2.5L. So at this point in my stroll home I get on it a little bit and quickly pull away from him. He gets the idea of what's going on and at the next red light...

...I pull up quicker on a little bit of a roll as the light starts to turn yellow. He rolls up next to me, times the green a bit better and BAM we're off. Hard pull in 1st, quick shift to 2nd and what the HELL!? Dude is still right on my side. Got a little bit of a pull on him in both gears before we have to stop for the next light. I'm thinking to myself what the!? Oh wait...'10 wolfsburg = same engine...DUH.

Anyway we give each other the thumbs up...he gives tells me nice car, I say surprised me with the 2.0T and say good night.

Moral of the story...time to go stage 1.
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Jetta is 200lbs heavier than GTI. Are they geared the same?
2010 GTI 4dr

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mkvi vs, wolfsburg

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