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Old 09-05-2012, 11:37 AM   #57
That John Guy
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Originally Posted by Retro View Post
Getting ready for more power I see

I still need to ride in an R.. I've sat in one and it's super nice but never felt tha powaaa
I will be in Ventura/LA counties next week. We will have to meet up. I will take you up stunt road in my R :-p
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MJM Autohaus
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Originally Posted by That John Guy View Post
So show me WHERE in the WORLD I can get a switchable file tune from APR for my 2012 Golf R. It doesn't exist yet. Well it might but it is not out on market.

I have to disagree with you respectfully. The Neuspeed was a more agressive tune than APR. I know personally from MkV experience. I lived in Camarillo for a while. I had APR, they had Neuspeed. I even had an intake on. still walked.

With more respect, I am set. I am waiting for the new GIAC file. I know APR is coming out with their updated file by Christmas, but hopefully GIAC will be out by then too. I have never had an interest in Revo, and Neuspeed is too far away to be practical. The nearest APR dealer is 4.5 hours from me. The nearest GIAC, 35 minutes. \

On an positive note, that was a GREAT post that really puts it into Barney tatus for all to understand. Thanks for the input man!
Well, "walked", while it shouldn't be, is actually quite the subjective (and exaggerated word) in racing. To us, a chipped GTI 2.0T would "walk" a stock Golf 2.5L head-to-head (by car lengths). Let's be honest, that is no race whatsoever. And again, we've run (literally) dozens of freshly chipped cars head-on here behind our shop that we've done right here in-house and "Stage I for Stage I", nobody is "walking" anyone (at least with our customer cars we've done it with). But like mentioned above, that depends on what you consider "walking" to be. We've laughed at guys on YouTube claiming they walked their buddy's car when beating them by a half a fender was what they were considered to be "walked." That's hardly being "walked", no? Half a fender?

Also, keep in mind that we posted this for the new guys who might not be real savvy with VAG performance horsepower. By reading your post, you seem to know a little about the differences between the three and have some knowledge and solid experience. Not trying to bench race or argue with anyone; just trying to get the newbs a full-on explanation or answers to a "FAQ" page if you will. The APR vs. REVO. vs. GIAC battles get extremely heavy on the web (especially on the Vortex), and while we stay out of the mud-slinging and brand battles in those threads, we simply want to give you OUR EXPERIENCES with each, both with our cars and our customers. If you've claimed to have seen a NEUSPEED car "walk" an APR car, so be it, but we've done tons of them here for over a half decade with both and have never seen that happen. I suppose it's not impossible, though, as there are certainly some variables that should be taken into consideration.

As far as GIAC goes, there is no doubt that they put out a quality product. We don't do their flashing in-house, but we have sold their plug-n-play chips for many, many years for the older MK3 and Corrado models. Mr. Garrett knows what time it is; no doubt about that. GIAC is 100% software - they aren't spending time and R&D on intercoolers, exhausts, brakes and intakes - all software all of the time! There is something to be said about that, as respected forced inducted tuners AWE Tuning and VF-Engineering use their software with their kits. We have no experience with any of their OBD port files in-house to speak of, but reading their feedback online, they seem to have very happy campers rocking their wares. It's not a priority right now for us as a shop, but maybe one day offering their stuff at our facility will be a consideration.
MJM Autohaus ---

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Old 09-05-2012, 01:02 PM   #59
That John Guy
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Location: Holy Crap that is PIKES PEAK
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yeah Walked was used loosely.. I am not really into the "racing" aspect of all this. I am still learning terms ha ha It was about door to headlight until I don't know what happened and he just started going... I am sure both files have been updated and revamped since 2007. I might be remembering the wrong pull all together ha ha.

I do get and appreciate the knowledge you brought in both your posts. I am still a noob in a sense. I will always consider myself a noob. I think that someone with ZERO knowledge or experience could make an informed decision based on your posts.

I am also making my choice of GIAC on the mods I will be putting on and where they are coming from. :-) Like you said certain vendors work close with GIAC. I happen to be stocking my car with their parts I am looking into the stage 2 and 2+ tunes more than the Stage 1. I have APR stage 1 now, but will be switching as soon as GIAC comes out with their file. There is nothing wrong with APR at all, but at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and being satisfied right? :-)

Lets see if I can order anything off your site..
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