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Originally Posted by hifichip76 View Post
Hello. I am seriously considering buying a Golf R, having test driven it recently. I'm also looking at the WRX and a few other hot hatches.

I had a 2008 GTI that I loved. Now, we have a MS3 and a 350Z. Due to changing commutes, we can't get by with the Z on winter tires anymore.

Are their any common problems with the R?

My GTI and many others were unusually prone to tire bubbles. Anyone having that with the R?

How's the reliability?

Anyone else in New York?

So far they've had problems with:

Clutch, this is after upgrades if you tune it the factory clutch slips, needs upgrade.

Transmissions, something to do with the fly wheel.

Water pumps seem to be malfunctioning often, this one would concern me if I had an R, it can lead to other damage.
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On my brand new R, I've noticed a slight thunking noise as I let off the clutch pedal. I can slightly feel it in my foot. But everything works properly. Anyone else have this?
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