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Jawnie Sanders
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Originally Posted by grambles423 View Post
In what field? VW Aftermarket or beyond?
any field? business? pretty much anything?? this should be pretty.. obvious, Z.

Originally Posted by rblGTI View Post
I'm sure a few of you know where I stand on this. I'm big on quality, and that's evident in almost everything that I buy. Shoes, cars, appliances, car parts, food, etc. I am also a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" because it's proven time and time again to be the truth. If I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it right the first time so I never have to look back at it and wonder why I didn't wait a little longer and get what I really wanted, and what I really knew would work best for ME. Some people are okay with "average" quality because they like the "average" price. They're getting what they pay for, and that's all they need. It's all based around value. I want the best of the best because the best of the best is gonna give me the quality and value and comfort that I will be satisfied with.

If I go "average" just to save a few bucks, I'm always gonna look at what I really wanted and wonder why I couldn't have waited just a little longer. I'm never gonna look at something of lesser quality/value and wonder why I didn't decide to save a few bucks and go with something I knew I wasn't gonna be completely happy with.

And quality goes past just the product. The quality of service from the company matters too. The whole "snake-like" attitude that comes from some companies is a HUGE turn off for me from their product, and their company in general. You have to sell yourself *alongside* your product. If you have to speak for your own product by doing massive amounts of giveaways and never throwing yourself up against your competition, then that's not attractive to me. I want something that will speak for itself and have the company back it up WHEN NECESSARY.

To me, the price should reflect the quality of the product AND the quality of the company that sells/produces the product. THAT is real quality.

And this is all going past just aftermarket VW product, of course. I apply this with anything.
Kinda makes me wonder why I'm still with AT&T

Originally Posted by OmniGLH View Post
Everybody knows GunKata > *.*

No GunKata, no care.

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