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USP Motorsports

Gonna go on a bit of a frustrated rant, bear with me:

A few months ago I had an issue with my downpipe which resulted in me finding a local mechanic to help me fix it. While he was fixing it his shop lamp fell into my engine bay and melted a large hole in my stock stage 2 pipe - which obviously the shop offered to fix and pay for - and I needed to order a new stage 2 pipe.

I was directed here on the forums to USP Motorsports for their stage 2 pipe, which by all accounts will be a fantastic piece (should the piece ever make it to my door . . .). I purchased the pipe on 4/8/2016 at 12:50 AM, received my confirmation at 3:50 AM - I'm pretty pleased at this point as this is something that I will be needing quickly - putting a patch on my intake piping is not something I like doing or look forward to do. I go about a week and a half without a notice of shipping so I contact USP and just ask what's going on, this is clearly taking awhile. I get into a chat with a customer service rep and I'm informed that there is a 1+ month back order on the pipe. I ask if he's serious that it can take more than a month, he said yes and then chat was disconnected.

Now I'm pretty reasonable - I can understand a back order and I can certainly understand a delay. My gripe is that there was no posting in the product description about a back order (like a lot of sites do when inventory is low) nor was I given any kind of notification or anything to let me know that this was going to be a long and drawn-out wait for my piece - in the past with other distributors (hell, even ECS emailed me SIX TIMES for a one week delay!) I at the very least get an email notification. I have a reasonably large hole in my intake and I could have gotten a few other APR stage 2 pipes here local and off of the forums by now. My frustration is that I had to find out about delays from a chat service on their website two weeks after my order and have had zero update since my inquiry and we're now 4 weeks in.

It is now 6 days shy of a month and I have had zero correspondence outside of myself reaching out to USP about my order. I am understandably pretty salty about this - I expected a little more from a company that I have heard good things about. If there was some form of indication that I'd be waiting a month I wouldn't even be upset - I could have had an APR pipe from another site or forum member. I don't fault USP about the delay, I fault them about the lack of communication and lack of setting the expectation through disclosing the expected shipping date - I want to cancel my order but I've already been waiting so long, it seems like a waste.

- end rant -

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