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Originally Posted by intoflatlines View Post
If you don't learn at autocross? Never heard that one before...

I haven't done an HPDE but from what I know, it is good in that you do dozens of laps of the track over the course of the day, vs. 8 or so with autocross. They usually/sometimes have cones that mark turn-in, apex, and exit points so that you can get used to what the proper racing line is through a corner. It's faster in speed but slower in "action" in that during an HPDE you will have more time to plan out your driving line, vs. autocross where it is so fast/tight that you don't have much time to plan your line if you are inexperienced.

But yeah you should definitely be learning a lot at autocross. Those skills directly transfer over to track use, and vice versa.
agreed 100%^

Going from hpde first to autox was pretty insane for me, lol. It was like I had all the time in the world to think at HPDE, and then at autox, it was like “hurry, hurry, hurry!!!!”, but most people do it the other way around (learn autox then go track), which makes sense really. I’ve seen autox-ers do their first track day and do VERY well actually, so I do agree that those skills will transfer over.

At a track day, there is more time to think (brakes, shift, turn, power) for the most part… and yes, KVN is exactly right, many tracks have cones out for braking and apex indicators for turn in, apex point, and exit/track out (GET ON THE POWAAAHHH), but I know going to my only HPDE this year in Oct, after doing all those autox days, it felt like I had an eternity to make decisions and do things in the car, lol.. and yes, definitely notice the higher speeds.

The hugest benefits of track days is the high speeds (that can backfire on ya, right!?!? Lol) and the actual amount of driving time is pretty epic, but yes, you pay for that difference. You also do not have to “work” like in autox, so definitely some differences all around. I enjoy them both.

Preparation – I highly suggest upgraded brake pads and perhaps rebleeding the system. I am not too aggressive on braking, and I even got the A3 a little mushy out there with stock rotors and stoptech street pads, ss lines, and DOT4 fluid that's only a year old or so. Many guys try to be very late and hard on the brakes.. not good as a newbie and definitely not smart on a practically stock car, so keep that in mind too. But the beginner group will be ideal for well, the beginners on here, to really get out and have fun. It’s not a race.. you will pass faster cars than you, and slower cars than yours will pass you – don’t worry about it. No one is keeping track, no trophies, no prize money, no bishes. It’s for fun.
Originally Posted by OmniGLH View Post
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No GunKata, no care.

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