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Originally Posted by grambles423 View Post
From personal experience, I've done NVH, BSR (Bump Squeak Rattle), Windnoise and Driving Experience evaluation for JD Power IQS activities. Its nothing more than sitting in a car and going with your instincts on what rides good and what sounds are annoying. It can be very subjective sometimes, thats why we use a lot of transducers, microphones, and frequency modulators to accurately quantify those characteristics, so its not totally based off someone's opinion. However, experience starts to trump the doubt.

Ah, but thats not ride work. Ride engineer although speaking of rattling and sound, is mostly concerned with ride. Its hard to talk to them sometimes, as you build your shock, you hand it to them and have it installed on the car. They go out and drive around some ride loop, come back and they tell you what is wrong with it. A lot of it is just a feel thing. It can be how the sharpness in a bump is tuned out or not, or how the body settles after a whoop or a dip. The car at this point usually will be fully instrumented with string pots, accelerometers to try to find some data to correlate to the event they describe but at the end of the day their butts are the key....

OEMs keep these guys around for a long time....and I often hear when some OEs changed their ride engineer that the next batch of products don't ride the same as before because of it...

IMO unlike objective handling and balance, which coming from a racing background is easier to fathom and deduce as the data are easily correlate-able, ride work is an art in itself....
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