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Headliner starting to sink

So today I look back in my car as I'm backing up and notice the headliner is beginning to sink by the light above the back seats. I start reading through forums and it sounds like its expensive to have vw replace it and my warranty's expired. But some have mentioned vw will replace it for free since it seems to be a pretty common issue in GTI's. I reached out but it seems I'm out of luck. Kinda bummed about it since its only a 2011 but I'm afraid it might spread and get worse. Any suggestions or fixes? Thanks in advance
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I'm not sure there's anything you can do to prevent it. Mine started as just a little bit by the sunglass holder and eventually spread across the entire headliner. I pulled the headliner out of the car, pulled the cloth off, brushed off all the remaining foam on the headliner, and took it to a shop to upholster it for me, then I reinstalled the headliner myself. The shop only charged me $130, but then I had to buy things like a new sunglass holder and airbag clips since they broke trying to remove them. That's probably the cheapest way to do it though. I tried to do it myself and it was still about $130 in materials but a waste of time.
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