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Old 12-11-2014, 01:26 PM   #1
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OR folks - seeking your wisdom

The fam (wife, 2 kids) and I live in AZ, and are contemplating a move to the PNW next year. We aren’t a huge fan of (actually, we hate) the summers here where we are locked up indoors when the kids will be out of school. We don’t mind overcast skies and rain. Plus, our lifestyle (vegetarians, outdoorsy, green nature lovers, left leaning) is a lot more compatible with a state like Oregon. We visited Portland a couple of years back and fell in love. We have a trip planned early January to experience the winter weather and check out the area and some of the homes.

- What do you guys like and dislike about the state/city in an around Portland?

- My company has a satellite facility in Gresham, so we’ll be looking to move into a home somewhere near there. What are your thoughts on Gresham/Sandy/Damascus and surrounding areas? Any recommendations/concerns?
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I was born in Central Oregon and most of my family lives either there or in Portland.

Personally I prefer Washington for a few different reasons. One would be the drivers - PNW drivers tend to be more conservative than their southern counterparts, but it seems that drivers here in Washington are a bit more adventurous - meaning not driving around at 10 mph under the speed limit. Another reason would be that in Oregon it is illegal to pump your own gas, with the exception of cardlock stations. You run the risk of some idiot filling your car with regular, or scratching your paint, spilling fuel all over your car, or for OCD people like me, not making the sale an even dollar amount. As for emissions, the laws here are pretty lenient, with only certain zip codes requiring emissions testing.

For reasons not related to driving, I appreciate the permissive (and protective) firearms legislation here. You can open carry anywhere in the state, with the exception of obvious places (courthouses, bars, private property without owners consent) and no state or city entity may prevent you from doing so, as state law overrides local ordinances. It is also much easier to get a concealed weapons permit.
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Fairview and Troutdale north of Gresham and are nice little areas. Gresham general is a sprawling and a lot of low income. Sandy/Damascus are a bit rural.

I know a large amount of people who escaped Arizona and love it here.
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