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Old 04-30-2015, 03:38 PM   #1
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Any knowledge about mk4 I can get help with diagnosis?

Hey guys, I dont trust too many sites out there so thought maybe you folks could help me. I am looking at a mk4 GTI to pick up as a beater. I found an 05 in blue with the 1.8t and 5 speed which is what I want. Problem is it has a slight black smoke coming from the tail pipe at idle, and shoots a puff of black smoke on acceleration (or reving motor). I know that is symptoms for a rich fuel mixture. The care has aftermarket downpipe, turbo back, and revo stage 2 tune.

Any general mk4 knowledge of things that generally go wrong with them that might cause this? I dont want to get myself into a money pit, but if this is a simple common problem (are the injectors crap on this model, or does the maf die alot?) and I can get it for a mint it might be worth it.


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Velociraptor Thrust
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wrong section. post in the General Car News and Discussion, more people might help ya there. I got a lot of answers there about an STI... WRX...

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