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New Owner Cyl 1&2 misfire Apr stg2 (yes sorry another misfire thread)

Car is a 2013 w/ 52k miles. Apr stage 2 91oct file. I did not put the tune on the car and I literally just got her. Went wot from a light and had a blinking cel and epc light came on. Plugged in my scanner and got cyl 1 and 2 misfire. Swapped my coils around and the misfires didn’t move, still stayed misfire 1 and 2. Cel and epc light went away. Then I swaped the plugs around. Same result except the car won’t start now. Left the plugs in place and moved the coil packs around. Still no change. The spark plug in cyl 1 looked pretty crispy and I almost needed a breaker bar to get it out. I’m guessing it just needs plugs and I’ve ordered the r8 coils and plug kit from usp. I’m not a mechanic but I think I’ve got s good start at this. Any other reasons why it wouldn’t start? I even put the plugs back into their original cylinders. Also i did not unhook the battery for this. Not sure if I had to but tomorrow I will check for blown fuses. Thanks.

UPDATE. I installed r8 coils and ngk plugs with the usp motorsports kit and have her a jump start. I don’t have any dash lights on and car pulls harder now. But my scanner still reads p300 p301 and p302 misfire PERMANENT. I googled this and can’t find anything. I could have sworn my Zurich scanner read misfire DETECTED. Does this mean that the code will not clear its self after a few miles of driving?

Also I’m getting a random sharp ticking sound from the motor. Maybe the injectors? Has anyone upgraded there coils and plugs an experienced this? Maybe it was bad fuel injectors that caused the misfire? I’m scared to do a compression test. Cylinder one spark plug looked horrible.

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