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Old 03-25-2015, 09:31 PM   #1
Drives: 2011 GTI MkVI
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2011 MkVI Problems, can you help diagnose?

Hey guys - I recently joined the GTI club, got myself a used 2011 GTI MkVI. I absolutely love the car, but started to notice a few things over time. I'm going to get these looked at soon but I was hoping someone can help me diagnose them in the meantime. I posted this on r/golfGTI as well, looking for all the help I can get!

First I noticed that occasionally on cold starts, a horrible screeching noise will come from what sounds like the vents. This only happens maybe once a week - the sound last for about a second but does it ever sound awful. It won't happen again after restarting the car, it seems to be totally random. I've searched all over the web to find this noise, common problems seem to be the throw-out bearing but this noise sounds nothing like that - its more of a screech than a moan, and doesn't sound like its coming from that area. Hasn't affected performance so far.

Secondly, I think I may have a throw-out bearing issue.... noticed it for the very first time this morning when getting into first stage, the howl as I pull off the clutch. This happens when shifting to first and reverse, so it really seems to be the TOB. But it seems to have gone away... It happened three times then stopped, but was just this morning. Would this problem be exaggerated by wet weather (the Golf had its first rain shower today)? It also doesn't sound like it is the timing belt or air pump.
Here is the throw-out noise (not my video)

Finally, an issue with the transmission. Sometimes when starting the car for the first time of the day, she doesn't seem to want to go into reverse. When shifting into reverse, the stick seems to get stuck as I push it forward. I haven't ever forced it beyond this sticking point, I just pull it back into neutral and restart the car and this seems to solve the issue. Is this a normal thing for manual transmission, or something I should worry about? Any suggestions for avoiding it?

Thanks for any help, love you all <3 <3 <3

edit: car has about 70,000km on it

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Old 03-25-2015, 09:36 PM   #2
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I'm not very familiar with manual cars... but all of that sounds like it could derived from the same problem.
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Old 03-25-2015, 09:56 PM   #3
Velociraptor Thrust
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I think the transmission thing is normal thing with the cold. My buddy with a Cobalt SS had the same issue, and so does my g35. Once things get warmed up a bit, shifts are great! As for the other issues, I have no idea bro

Welcome to MKVI
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Old 03-25-2015, 10:32 PM   #4
Short Bus
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It might be worth draining and refilling the gearbox with OEM fluid. If a previous owner filled it with something else that might not be so tolerant to cold your gearbox will be extra grumpy until it warms up.

The throwout bearing noise is a commonly reported issue. Mine only makes the noise with any consistency when it's below freezing out and usually only in reverse; why not also first, I can't say. Otherwise it might make a peep every few months. My stock clutch assembly has over 90k miles on it.
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Old 03-25-2015, 10:36 PM   #5
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There is an TSB and updated clutch kit via VW for the screech. I had mine replaced last year and no more noises.
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Old 03-25-2015, 10:41 PM   #6
Drives: 2011 GTI MkVI
Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: Canada
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Thanks for responses and warm welcome

I got a reply on reddit regarding my first issue, buddy says it may be related to the passenger side radiator fan. Apparently happens on his girlfriend's Rabbit. Only video I was able to find that COULD be my noise is this one:

However it's hard to tell because he doesn't start up the car and doesn't give much information about when it occurs. Any suggestions as to how I could test this? It tough because its so infrequent :/

I'll look into the OEM refill when I get it look at, thanks!
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Old 03-26-2015, 06:45 AM   #7
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I don't currently own a manual but have owned many manual cars. Having difficulty getting it in a gear when cold isn't uncommon. What I ussually found to work welll. Was if it won't go in to gear, put the car in neutral, let out the clutch. Then clutch in again and try the gear again, adding a little rotation to the transmission gears sometimes gets them to align better. Also try shifting into first move a very slight amount then jump to reverse.

My WRX would never shift into 1st from a roll when cold and could shift into 1st at a slow speed after warming up. Every tranny is different.
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Old 03-26-2015, 08:52 AM   #8
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If the screeching sound is in the engine, my sisters Tiguan had the PCV valve go bad, which made a very loud screech, so if it's not a belt or fan, it could be that
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mkvi, screech, squeal, throwout bearing, transmission

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