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Old 09-08-2019, 11:40 AM   #1
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MK6 GTI won't go into gear

My car is a 2012 GTI Base 2-door manual with 41,900 miles.

As the title says, I was driving home this past Friday and less than a mile from my house, I rolled up to a stop sign and put my car into neutral. I then went to put it into first gear to take off but my car would not let me at all. Same for any of the other gears and reverse too. I turned the car off and only then could I put the shift lever into gear, but as soon as the engine was on... the lever refused to leave neutral.

I searched the forums and it seems like the issue is something with the clutch assembly, most likely the pressure plate. I'm posting this to document my journey with this issue. I'm taking my car to a shop here in the South Florida area called RS Auto Specialties or LT Motorsports, I haven't decided yet but they are on the same street it looks like. This is my first mechanical issue that I've had with my car since I bought it two years ago with 17,500 miles.

Since my car is out of warranty I'll be updating here how much this will end up costing me but it looks like it's gonna hurt. Anyone have any aftermarket clutch replacement recommendations? I'll most likely be doing a Stage 1 tune and if the shop is going to be working on my clutch it seems like a good time to upgrade it to handle some more power.
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Old 09-08-2019, 01:58 PM   #2
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I have southbend endurance and I think it's great not much difference in feel vs stock but stock started slipping with ko4.
Sounds like you have throw out bearing issues in which case you still have to pull the trans. Will the car roll when in gear clutch in with engine off?
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This happened to my friend at the track - have you tried revving it really high and seeing if it'll go in gear?

It turns out his clutch disc broke in half (found out after he brought to mechanic). But by revving it high he was at least able to get it in gear to drive it home.

My car is having some transmission problems right now.. will have to fire up the clutch DIY on golfmk6. Gonna be an interesting week
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Dyno vid of my car
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