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Bugsy_Malone 666
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Differences between TDi and TSi car shells/wiring?

So I was thinking about doing an engine conversion on a Mk6, using an engine from a mk4/5 and I was looking at Donor vehicles that might do the job, but it seems in the UK Diesel were the more popular choice of engine during the Mk6 era, or at least they have been work horses, high mileage but importantly cheap!

I was going to look for a TSi 1.4 with a blown engine as cam chain issues are common, but seems none are really about, but the high mileage diesels are plentiful.

so I wondered between the TDi and the TSi, what the actual car differences are? Obviously the cluster is different, theres a fuel filter mount in the engine bay, the wiring will be slightly different in the engine bay/ECU, but mechanically/body are there may differences?
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Wascally Wabbit
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I don't know about the MK7's but the MK6's were all pretty much plug and play (engine, exhaust and trans excluded) interchangeable between the 2.5L, TDI and GTI. I believe VW carried this over to the MK7's as well.

For example if there is a fuel filter mount on one model I bet the hole to mount it is there on all the others.

The problem is the wiring. VW uses different wiring harnesses for different models and option packages. So for example if you have a car with heated seats the wiring is different for one without heated seats. There is not an empty plug under the seat it's just not there. For the minor stuff you can find kits but a whole engine I would think you'll have to rewire the thing including the ecu.

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