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Old 09-13-2010, 11:22 AM   #57
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Originally Posted by HotHatch94 View Post
The R20 might not even be worth it. I would probably be better off putting an APR Stage 3 kit in with an exhaust, intake, and intercooler. It would turn out to be the same price as the R20 and the Stage 3 kit would make it faster. Maybe add some Brembos for fair measure. If I do that, I really hope I won't crash it.
Originally Posted by HotHatch94 View Post
Where I live everyone gets a new car that goes super fast. No joke. I'd like to get the experience with mods because I plan to be a mechanical engineer when I grow up. I love cars.
Update on the car situation: My mom and dad would be willing to buy me a 135i coupe (the one with the turbocharged 300 hp 6 cylinder). They think a Beamer would last longer, so she would be willing to pay the extra. I'm sure you guys are thrilled to hear that.
Originally Posted by HotHatch94 View Post
I'd rather wreck a GTI than my mom's Range Rover or my dad's Beamer =0
Originally Posted by N8ive Creech View Post
Are you kidding me? I would say must people and correct me if im wrong utilize tracks to hone their skills of driving and to get a feel for their car. To learn how to adapt and to control the vehicle in different situations. So NO. The streets are not a whole nother world. I would say that someones ability on the street would only progressively get better because of track time. So you are the individual who still does not get the logic.

I am not promoting Younger People beating older individuals. I was just trying to explain that before a bunch of middle age people whole think they have experienced so much in life driving on the streets should take the time and see what the OP's background is. Hell if you look at many of the best drivers right now most of them hit the scene and began being successful at the age of 22. But this has to do with their background. Something no one took the time to ask the OP. Im 24. Not a ticket on my record and i have owned many vehicles with upwards to 450 horses in my LS1 firebird. But because of my background i can handle it. Ask questions before you jump to conclusions.
Hey Dude, I get ur point and stuff about givin the guy a break. And fact is that ur oughtta read his posts well b4..... C da above man!!!! READ CAREFULLY HIS COMMENTS. He literally had it comin. Besides the guy should be thankful and grateful that so many guys care about him enough to waste our time on guys who just brag on about racing....

He who has never dared to own a Golf is he who has yet to discover the other side to driving. MAX IT OUT DUDES DESPITE WHAT A CAMARO SS CLUB MAY CLAIM!

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Originally Posted by grambles423 View Post
Had a friend that had a:

Mach 1 - Totalled
RSX Type S - Totalled
Mustang GT SC - Totalled and Died

He was 17. That was 6 years ago.

Prove my point?
I'll post this again. To iterate my point and put an end to this discussion.

OH, forgot to put he tracked as well. You argument is null. Dont speak ill of the dead.
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