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How to Remove The Entire Side Mirror Golf/Jetta MK6 (Pics)

I found a lot of tutorials on how to take off the housing cap or the glass but none on the entire mirror. SO! Here ya go!

Step One: Realize that maybe if you had not mixed your new career, a cute girl, and a time limit you wouldn't have backed out of the garage with your door open and have to replace the door...
Name:  IMG_0183.JPG
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Size:  49.7 KB

Step Two: Remove the door panel, There are honestly 100s of tutorials on how to do this so I wont beat a dead horse just click on one of these MANY links

Step Threeeeeee: Once the door panel is off you'll need to remove the upper speaker shown here
Name:  IMG_0185.JPG
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Size:  53.9 KB

Grab the top and pull toward you, you should hear a *POP*
Name:  IMG_0187.JPG
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Size:  61.4 KB

You'll see two little white tabs, pull UP (That's toward the ceiling) to remove the speaker
Name:  IMG_0189.JPG
Views: 8499
Size:  61.6 KB

Step: Four (4): This step needs a 12 Point (Triple Square) socket, now I know a lot of you are cursing right now but honestly if you plan on working on a Mk6 you'll need these everywhere (Breaks, Struts, doors, side mirrors The list goes on) I bought a set of 9 at NAPA for $20.

Name:  IMG_0190.JPG
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Size:  59.4 KB

Now the mirror is off the door BUT
You're not done yet!

Step fife: Follow the mirror wire down to its plug, pop the red lock and pull that sucker out
Name:  IMG_0195.JPG
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Size:  43.6 KB Name:  IMG_0196.JPG
Views: 8453
Size:  50.0 KB

Step SixSixSix: Cut the zip tie holding the wire
Name:  IMG_0198.JPG
Views: 8413
Size:  46.1 KB

Step 7: Pop this little green wire holder thingy
Name:  IMG_0199.JPG
Views: 8371
Size:  39.1 KB

Step ate: Feed the wire out the hole and KUZAM! You're done! Now bask in your victory and hold that sucker up like predator holding a spine!
Name:  IMG_0200.JPG
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Size:  46.7 KB

Close right!?!
Name:  _DSC1275.jpg
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Size:  29.0 KB

To put the mirror back on just reverse these steps!

I hope you were able to follow this tutorial and had a few laughs on the way!
Good luck!
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Nice tutorial, thanx! I cracked the outer black plastic of my driver side view mirror as I reversed into the garage - the mirror hooked by the wall and a small piece broke off. Doh! I still feel like such an idiot! Anyways, I'm still considering replacing the whole thing, but then on the other hand, I could use black silicone to make up for the missing piece and fill the open gap...
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Perfect! Just the thread I was looking for. Somebody clipped my driver side mirror when I was parked on the street and broke it. I'm not about to pay $700 for the dealership to replace it.

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