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Old 12-03-2015, 05:24 AM   #1
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Lspi (low speed preignition)?

Hey guys and gals, haven't posted here in a while since I unfortunately lost my golf :/. So I have been driving around in a dreaded veloster turbo. Before anyone starts, no it wasn't my first pick it was ultimately my dads choice because in the end it cost about the same as the money we got from insurance and being 22 in school with a part time job means I couldn't exactly be picky. So, now that we have that out of the way. Just been reading about the car on the forums and it seems early years of the car (2012 - very few 2014) are some what haunted by Low Speed Pre Ignition or lspi and that is causing blown motors in the community. Never even heard of this until I was reading about the car on the forum. They claim it is an unintended consequence of gasoline direct injection and no one fully understands exactly why it happens. Anyway, there is a ton of information about it on the web. My question to you guys is, if this exists why have we not heard of a single occurrence in the mk6 community? Unless this has happened and I am unaware? There are bone stock and wildly modified tsi and fsi motors here that are past 100k without a hiccup yet the veloster guys cant get past 40k without blowing a motor due to LSPI? They are all going crazy there adding catch cans changing spark plugs putting in super expensive bullshit oil additive and changing oil every 3k miles WITH FULL SYNTHETIC OIL just to combat lspi. Bunch of crazy money wasting idiots on that forum.

TL;DR: it seems mostly early versions of Hyundai's motors are apparently blowing up due to an unintended consequence of gdi called low speed preignition. Veloster people going crazy spending money on catch cans spark plugs putting in all these bs oil additives and changing out their quality synthetic motor oils every 3k miles. Never heard of it in this community? Hyundai fucking sucks balls and VW is far superior to anything that Hyundai has to offer.

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do a burnout.
Originally Posted by RGTI13 View Post
If you already have an intake, might as well just go big turbo while you're in the engine bay. Just my 2 cents.
Originally Posted by erball View Post
It's only then when I realize, in a moment of clarity, I should have bought Honda.
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I'm on their forums trolling around, and on their facebook group, and see this come up all the time. I honestly have no idea, but I've never seen anyone in the VW community affected by this. I've never seen anyone outside of Hyundai affected by this to be completely honest. I think Hyundai is blowing smoke up their ass, and people took it and ran with it. I couldn't tell you what exactly is happening, but it seems odd to be that so many VT's are affected by this issue.
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