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Originally Posted by calpon View Post
I am getting mine from Heritage VW in Lithia Springs on Thornton Road. $100 under invoice plus what I wanted for my trade in. CG 4door, DSG, Sunroof, Dynaudio. It should be leaving the factory soon and hopefully here in time for a Christmas present to myself after buying my wife a 2010 Murano a couple of weeks ago.
add in the obligatory $176 (invoice) for bluetooth for $24857 add $750 for destination charges and I have $25607 less $100= $25507....UNLESS the sales manager is crooked. There was no VIN available since it was just hitting the assembly line floor(allocated but not built), so I suppose he could try some slight of hand tricks on me, but he seemed to be a stand up guy (and I took up several hours of his and another sales persons time). (I did get a signed agreement later that afternoon with a down payment after finishing my purchase at Nissan.

The funny thing about this was the initial agreement came over my cell phone while test driving the Murano(wife driving ). I confirmed the details so as my wife (and the Nissan salesman) would hear me. Because of this well timed call (I had no idea that this call was going to be coming as the VW SM was searching for a car close to my specs), I didn't have to have a long drawn out negotiating session with Nissan. A couple of back and forths and I had $400 over invoice less $750 for return customer and $650 rebate offer. I also got what I wanted for a 2004 Murano trade.

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