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Life after 70k miles

Hi, I am in the market for a mk6 with a 6 speed manual.
Most cars have above 70k miles, some have great maintenance records.

I'd like to know how your experiences with high mileage GTI has been. Specifically,

1. What broke, when, and how much to fix?
2. How many miles can I expect?
3. Any tips as a veteran owner?

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I'm currently at 71k miles and the only issues I had was with the mechatronics unit in the DSG (which you won't have to worry about with a 6spd). The big issues with these cars are with the timing chains (which can get expensive). I'd do some research on that and see how that will factor into your decision making. If you keep up with the routine maintenance and do oil changes every 5k, you shouldn't have any problems getting these cars well into the 100k range.

You may also want to look into a carbon cleaning as well, which can run you around $500ish. I did one at 58k and there was a lot of buildup on the valves, mostly from city driving and being stuck in traffic. Driving the car hard can help with this, but once it's on the valves you'll have to get it scraped off.
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Besides suspension (replaced everything by now) mines been fine to 60k honestly. No failures to speak of.
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Short Bus
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130k on mine.

Paid to have the chain tensioner fixed, $1100. Intake manifold failed and was covered under warranty. A couple of oil leaks fixed. Throttle body wiring harness needed to be repaired, did it for $100. Control arm bushings, $30 and a few hours of my time. New struts were about $500 (Koni Sport). Saggy headliner that I haven't fixed yet. Engine/transmission mount for about $300 and a few hours of my time. Air conditioner repair (compressor, condensor, a few other bits) $1600.

Overall it's been a solid car. The air conditioner repair sucked, but given that it's running constantly for about 80% of the year (southern car) I can't say that I'm surprised that it was necessary; definitely preferable to having a rusty northern car with a good air conditioner.
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I have 150k, replaced a leaky radiator a couple years ago. It was just weeping, never stopped me from driving the car. Headliner fell down last year, that's it. Car has been mechanically sound.
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Well i did use a breaker bar to snug up that nut instead of a torque wrench.
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my subframe has been out twice without replacing any bolts and I don't have subframe clunks and my world hasn't ended and my car hasn't blown up.
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I bought my 2012 at 68k and I am now at 78k. So far I've done just oil changes and plugs. I'm definitely due for a carbon cleaning, also I'm not sure if I have the revised tensioner or not so will most likely do the chain and tensioner next spring. Also my clutch is starting to slip so that will be done when the tensioner gets done in spring as well. So all in all I haven't had to do any major work on the car yet, but I know the common things with them and what will need replaced in the near future.
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