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DIY: MKV R32 Brakes - Assembling Your Own Kit for Under $600

This DIY gets you pretty much new MK5 R32 brakes for your Golf for less than $600. These are pretty much identical to MK6 R brakes, with the only difference being the shape of the casting for the carrier. The caliper is identical otherwise.

Yes, the front calipers are remanufactured, not VW OEM built units. If that makes you uncomfortable then this DIY is not for you. If you want you can buy the OEM VW rebuild kit and re-rebuild these calipers with the OEM rubber parts for pretty cheap. I have 3500 miles on my setup now with zero problems. For the reason that the calipers are not OEM, this is NOT the same as the ECS kit which I think is twice the price. If you want OEM calipers, you will pay accordingly.

-After quite a bit of research, I was able to figure out that the 2008 Passat VR6 4motion uses the EXACT same front and rear brakes as the 2008 R32. The only difference is that the R32 versions are powder coated blue.
-The drivers side caliper on the Passat has a metal/rubber vibration damper that is threaded into the end of one of the bolts that holds the caliper halves together. Just take it off and throw it away.
-If you do not want to use the MK6 style retaining clips with the GTI stickers, both the StopTech pad kid AND each caliper from Nastra came with the factory MK5 style retaining clip so you can use that instead which will save you about $50.
-I used the G2 Caliper Paint kit. I separated the halves of the caliper by removing the four T45 bolts and only painted the outer casting and the brackets.

-You can use any MK5 R32 pad you want. The MK5 R32 pads come with the drivers side wear sensor so if you choose to use it, it will plug in just like your GTI brakes do.

-I used StopTech Sport pads and they're great. Lots of dust for the first 1000 miles but now they barely dust and they grab great for a DD setup.

-Any rotor for an MK5 R32 or MK6 R will work. Passat rotors will work too but Rock Auto doesn’t show as many performance rotors as being compatible so it’s easier just to use the Golf stuff. I used Centric Premiums which don't seem to be available on Rock Auto anymore. They are actually Zimmermans with a Centric sticker covering the Zimmerman sticker. The hats on mine were not painted black so I masked them off and painted them with VHT caliper paint.

-I used a premium grade plain rotor. You can get crazy here if you want slots, holes, 2 piece, etc.


Dust shields - OEM MK5 R32/MK6 R/Passat VR6. I do not recommend this but you could just trim the part of your GTI dust shield where the caliper mounts to the spindle. The diameter will be too small still but you could if you really want to.
1K0615312C (Right)
1K0615311C (Left)
Brake hose brackets - OEM MK5 R32/MK6 R/Passat VR6.
1K0611842A (Right)
1K0611841A (Left)
Caliper brake hose hardline – OEM MK5 R32
1K0611764A (Right)
1K0611763A (Left)
Brake hose bracket bolt – If you want to get your own bolt from the hardware store the size is M8x12
N90718602 (X2)
Brake rotor set screw – not needed and if you get lucky the ones on your car might be salvageable.
N10648301 (X2)
Brake hoses – Two options. See below.
OEM – Rubber lines. You will need to buy two retaining clips (191611715) since OEM lines do not come with them. The GTI setup uses only one retaining clip per side. It is located where the rubber line connects to the hard line going to the master cylinder. The R32 setup uses an additional clip where the rubber line meets the caliper hardline.

StopTech – Stainless braided lines. You do not need to buy retaining clips since the kit comes with two new ones.

950.33024 (StopTech kit - one kit required)
1K0611701L (OEM – two required)
Caliper anti-rattle clip. As mentioned previously the Nastra calipers and the StopTech pad kit came with a set of the OEM R32 style clip. If you are a baller you can buy the OEM MK6 R clip which has the .:R logo on it. I used a plain MK6 R clip. I would guess that URO Parts makes the OEM one and this is just that without any VW logos or the R logo on it. This gives you a nice big flat surface to either paint or get some brake caliper stickers to lay over it. I used GTI stickers from eBay.
1K0615269B OEM ($130 a pair with the R logo)
1K0615269B URO Parts ($45 a pair with no R logo)
Fluid – use whatever you want. I used Pentosin SuperDOT 4. You can use any DOT 4 fluid. I used less than 1 liter but I always like to have extra.


This shows the correct orientation of the brackets and hoses. Install these things before putting the calipers on the car.

This is the vibration damper that will be on one of the calipers. It is threaded into the back of one of the bolts that holds the caliper together. Taking it off will be self explanatory once you see it.

GTI brake dust shields then R32 dust shields installed. Hardware is the same. Just unbolt the old one and put the new one on.

Passenger side installed to show how the line is routed.

Drivers side installed to show how the line is routed.

I disabled the brake pad warning indicator system. To do this I cut the harness on the pad and used a crimp connector to connect the two wires. Then I put heat shrink tubing over the whole assembly. Then you just plug it in to the factory connector on the car. As long as the circuit has continuity you will not get a code.

More before and after

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Solid setup! I would have gone this route if I didn't find such a great deal on my St40 kit. Great post
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