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Old 02-25-2018, 07:52 PM   #477
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Originally Posted by HYDE16 View Post
I didn't notice any NVH add from the trailing arm bushings.

You did all front and rear bushings? What did the labor run?
Just saw this now sorry about that. Yeah I replaced every bushing on the car now. Labor was free, I have a press and do everything myself. I'd think a shop would charge 5-6 hours labor though.

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Drivetrain upgrades completed to really turn up the power:

-Found a 2012 MWS 6-speed Beetle transmission with 25K miles on it at a local junk yard
-Opened the transmission, inspected internals, everything looked brand new
-Degreased the case, masked off all areas for sensors/seals/axles
-Painted 3 coats of self-etching primer and 3 coats of VHT wrinkle black thanks to advice from U-20t
-Opened my KZS 6-speed GTI transmission to remove the Peloquin LSD and steel shift forks
-Built the Beetle transmission with Peloquin LSD, 1-2 & 3-4 steel shift forks, TyrolSport x ARP 02Q case bolts
-Decided not to install the Darkside Developments 02M / 02Q 5th - 6th Selector Fork Reinforcement Kit (FOR SALE)
-Reused my Clutchmasters FX400 and NLS TOB shims
-Sent my DieselGeek Sigma 6-Speed Short Shift Kit out to be rebuilt inclusive of the latest black slider
-Installed the 42DD Shifter Cable Support Bracket after discovering that my shifter cables were burning
-Moved back to the original plastic shift cable bracket after finding that my MK4 metal shift bracket caused the cables to bind and that the 42DD Shifter Cable Support Bracket would not align with the bolt holes
-Installed a fresh TyrolSport Solid Shifter Bracket Bushing Kit (SSBB)
-Installed the DieselGeek High Performance VW Shifter Shaft Bushing Kit which made a big difference with my Raceseng Circuit Series shift knob
-Removed the TurboSmart Kompact VAG II Plumb Back Diverter Valve (FOR SALE) and installed the latest OEM diverter valve
-Switched from Motul Sport Ester 5W-50 (fall/winter) to 5W-40 for spring/summer

Now Im ready for Spring so I can get a few more logs on the new Walbro 450 then dyno the 93 octane file. After that, straight to E85.

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Build Thread: HYDE16 - Project Jekyll & Hyde Build Thread
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