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Old 05-17-2018, 02:03 PM   #1
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Drives: 2013 Volkswagen GTI APR K04
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K04 DSG Service Interval

Just wanted to get some opinions on whether or not I should be changing my DSG fluid sooner than the recommended 40k interval since I am K04. I went K04 at around 30k miles and had the DSG fluid changed then too just because I figured it would be good to do so. I am closely approaching the 50k mark (almost at 48k right now) so I'm thinking of having the fluid changed again either at 50 or 60k miles. I know some people cut the service interval in half for heavily modified GTI's but every 20k seems like it could be a bit too soon. What do you guys think? Car is my DD BTW and I don't beat on it too often but it does see the occasional WOT 0-60 at a stoplight and on ramp blast when merging onto the highway.
2013 Red MK6 DSG. APR K04 v3.2. APR DSG tune, Cobb turboback exhaust. Eurojet Intercooler, AWE TOP, ECS TB Pipe, ECS Spherical Dogbone mount and Spulen insert(street). ECS Motor and Tranny mounts. MFactory LSD, ECS Catch Can, Neuspeed RSe12 Wheels, Continental ExtremeContact Sport 235/40R18 Tires.
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It certainly couldn't hurt anything to change it a little early. I generally over maintain my car for peace of mind.

I see you're in Lombard, I do dsg services for chicago folks about half the cost of local dealers. PM me if you'd like if this is not something you're comfortable doing yourself.
Hit me up for VagCom in Chicago
Click >here< for my build thread.
I'll do your 40k service for much cheaper than a dealer.
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^he does car work for everyone locally .

i do mine every 25-30k , serviced by jay

should do your fuel filter as well
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