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Old 08-30-2015, 05:37 PM   #57
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Originally Posted by jay745 View Post
Troy sounds mad.
Mad that people are idiots.

GTI is a great compromise car for the price but a shit car in absolute performance terms.

V6 mustang is also a great compromise car for the price and a mediocre car in absolute performance terms.

If people would open up their minds for 5 minutes and maybe even drive different cars before shitting on them and their entire owner base then we might learn something.

Civic Si is the best handling most reliable cheap car except the miata.

GTI has the best interior.

V6 mustangs are the fastest and best sounding.

Mazda 3 gets incredible mileage, handles well and has a good interior.

Focus/Fiesta ST have the best seats and decent power.

All of the cheap cars have strengths and there are decent reasons to buy almost any of them.

Amusingly the GTI's biggest strength is in jackass street racing. If any car is likely to have the worst group of enthusiasts, the GTI could be it.

Yo dawg I can smoke a mustang from a 30 roll. No I don't have time slips or lap times, I can't win in any real racing.
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The thing is I actually have driven one of the two cars in question in several occasions. And each time it made me more upset that my friend got it. I have pretty much convinced him to go for the V8 in the near future. They have no place. Where as its not only those who actually enjoy their GTIs who praise them for what they are, look at countless publications that still use them as a benchmark. Hell at porsche autocross events I point out the flaws of GTIs only to receive counterpoints and compliments on the car. Like them or not enthusiasts seem to appreciate them. Where as V6 pony cars are just there to make automakers money out of ignorant buyers. I am no fanboy, I know this is a glorified econo car a with a few 'sport' oriented touches. But it works as it was intended. Fun DD with enough balls to be enjoyed out of your commute too.

Why are you mad tho? You seemed to have missed the point of the thread and went further to bash the car that is the topic of these forums...don't think you'll get much traction with that kind of logic. Just saying.
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Yeah, but.... My 2006 Mustang GT had relentless problems requiring a lot of work. Some of it was major while some of it was annoying minor stuff like the parking brake cable popping over and over again. I had the same experience with my 1996 Thunderbird (purchased new) and my 1981 college Hooptie Crown Victoria (purchased from an estate sale in 1991). I'd love to give the 2016 Mustang GT a try, but I know I would flip out if I had to bring it in for mechanical problems.

The only Ford that didn't give me any problems was my 2000 F150 extended cab. I put 66,000 miles on it prior to trading it in and only performed routine maintenance. I was kind of surprised that it was so trouble free considering that I purchased it after my Thunderbird blew the intake manifold.
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Official Base Model Pony Car Rant Thread

Originally Posted by troyguitar View Post
So what's a GTI then, a burger flipper's car?

GTI: When you can't afford a Golf R.

V6 Mustang: When you can't afford a V8.

Same shit. They're both just cheap cars that are one step above the bottom of the barrel. Both are bought by people who want something more than a civic but can't really afford something great.

There is some truth to this. But i don't think the VW platform jumps are even remotely the same thing to the pony car drivetrain jumps.

The point is I don't find V6 pony cars appealing because they lack the one defining factor that all pony cars traditionally have: a V8. there is no equivalent traditional platform in our cars. They've had V6's and turbo'd 4 bangers and FWD/ AWD but each time its the same song on two different variations of one instrument, tenor and baritone sax for example. The V6 and V8 pony cars are like trying to hit the melody to stairway on an acoustic guitar vs. pots and pans in your kitchen. Both may get the job done but not in the same way. Bottom line i don't think those are comparable. I think we are not being hypocritical by making fun of base model pony cars as what appears to the insinuation.

Look I was just poking fun not trying to start a pissing match here...

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Mustang came in a slower 6 cylinder version from the first year, that is traditional. So did camaro and almost all of the rest. The base cars have always outsold the high powered ones.

Even the corvette started off with a wimpy 6 cylinder.
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Old 09-07-2015, 07:45 PM   #62
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"Obviously these people know nothing about ponies. Ponies have tons of muscle."

- My adorable wife
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