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Old 03-24-2015, 07:29 PM   #1
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Wraths TDI Build

So I hit a racoon with my car last summer and it ended up looking like this, Destroyed the washer fluid reservoir, shattered the fog light cracked my bumper cover and the... I guess the facia underneath bumper Im not really sure what to call it but she looked like this once apon a time. Anyway when I got into fixing it I putting new parts on and things went from there

So heres build thread... Which may be a bit premature considering I still have my winter tires on, and only have four cosmetic mods and Golf R LED tails.

So I think my fav mod so far is the grill and its going to set the color scheme with a touch of orange with the united grey. Would like to do brake calipers orange and was thinking about the interior trim but Im thinking it may clash with the red interior lighting...

You may call ricer cause I put on a carbon fiber spoiler but I just thought the carbon fiber looked so good with the color, then that solves the problem of having someone paint match the thing

Then the mod pretty well everyone and their mother has done the R LED tails. I got the dark tint depots and Im pretty disappointed in the overall fitment and the fact that Ive already got moisture inside the driver side light and they havnt been on for a year yet

This pisses me off to no end AR!! Anyone have any tips or info on how I can fix this?
They however look so awesome at night

I just quickly painted my TDi Alloys graphite silver cause I just hate silver rims lol, They already have a few chips in them but theyll hold me until I get some wheels and tires... Funny thing is I dont actually have a pic with them on the car lol

Then the last mod I did before winter was the more aggressive looking rear diffuser which I really like aswell.

So anyway thats my car so far. Ive got a couple things ordered. A couple other things Im going to buy here soon when I get my income tax back.

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Old 04-02-2015, 12:03 PM   #2
Passed Driver's Ed
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Ouch, That first picture was brutal to see.
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