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Old 05-04-2014, 09:52 AM   #15
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Originally Posted by MooreBoost View Post
You got the smartass treatment because there are plenty of threads on your exact same question and everyone expects you to use the search function first.

I would purchase a used intake, a used downpipe, then get a Stage 2 tune.
Figured hah I wasn't sure at first and yeah I probably should have searched first but I'm new to forums too. Just trying to get a feel for all of this.
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Old 05-04-2014, 10:11 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by TheCastle View Post
Here is a good thread on how to start inexpensively modifying your GTI.

My stage 0 recommendation is driver mod. Taking some driving courses will do more for your track/drag times than just about any car mod. A good driver will often beat an inexperienced driver in a faster car on the track

1st) Get some good tires, I mean really good. Tires are the single most important modification and will do more for your performance than anything else. Tires are how the power gets to the ground, they control how fast you can accelerate, stop, and turn. They are the most important safety item too. Grip is everything. I recommend for summer use only Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Trust me they make a big difference. ($900 approx)

2nd) Get a Stage 1 tune, it won't improve the sound of the car but it is a good improvement in performance (599ish)

3rd) upgrade your brakes, suggest stoptech pads front and rear and tyrol sport solid brake bushings. Make a big difference in brake feel.

4th) Sound get a downpipe/intake and go stage 2 (about 1K)

5th) SKIP suspension upgrades for performance, most won't improve your performance/ride. The ones that improve your car for certian track conditions are costly. I don't see much benefit to suspension mods for daily driven cars, unless you just like the "feel" of a particular setup. The stock setup is pretty good for high performance driving. Most suspension mods are mainly for looks/lowering. But if you want a cheap lowering I suggest Driver Gear Springs and keeping the stock dampers.

6) lighter rims will go a long way to improving your ride/handling.
YES TO EVERYTHING TheCastle says! Just changing from all-season to summer tires will be an improvement if you don't want to spend the dough on Michelin PSS.

Get out there and drive on the track, it's a lot of fun! I've done 3 track days so far and my car is stock tune/suspension. I just got intake and turboback because I like the noise. Everyone says to go get a tune, but if you do end up enjoying tracking, it's nice to not worry about reliability with an aftermarket tune.
2010 CSG GTI Neuspeed P-Flo (Red)/USP Catted Downpipe/Neuspeed Catback/18x8ET45 OZ Ultraleggeras/CSG Lower Valence + Sidemarkers/OEM Bi-Xenon conversion/LED City+Turns
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My first mods were small, cheap, and mostly cosmetic. A week after I got the car, I replaced all the interior lights with LED kit from deAutoKey, and had my windows tinted. Then I got a good deal on like-new LED Golf R rep tail lights, installed dual USB ports with the DoubleApex kit, filled the seat levers with "GTI" silver/red badges, and got a set of Monster Mats for winter time.

A few months later, I bought used Spyder headlights from another forum member, and also bought a set of winter wheels/tires (after breaking one of my stock tires on bad pothole). Last week I finally got Unitronic Stage 1+ tuning, which at first I was hesitant to do because I'm still under CPO warranty, but boy it's worth it!

I also just ordered the Uni intake, and looking to get a short shifter... so kinda working upwards to more functional (and expensive!) mods. As others said, there are lots of threads which will help you decide how to spend your money, or at least where to spend it first... Hope that helps!
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Old 05-04-2014, 11:48 PM   #18
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a stage1 tune is the best bang for the buck mod you'll ever do for the car. All the other stuff helps, like an intake, exhaust, etc.. downpipe + stage2 is fun, but that's still not as big a jump as stock to stage1
2008.5 GTI 2.0 TSI 6MT / APR K04 V3.1, APR IC, CTS 3" turboback, IE cold air intake, R8 coilpacks, PFR7B plugs @.028, GFB DV+, BSH TB pipe, SB Stg2 Endurance clutch, BSH mounts, DG Shortshifter, FFM bracket bushings, Forge big knob, Koni coils, Coolingmist CMGS Meth injection, USRT spacer (DO3 & Snow 100 nozzles), Centric rotors, Stoptech pads, TyrolSport bushings, 19" Miro stp3's
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depends on how much money you gonna spend on your gti xd
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cosmetics, mods, performance, rims, tune

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