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Old 06-21-2016, 01:05 PM   #29
Formula 2 Driver
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Drives: 10 GTI CSG DSG K04 4DR 155k+
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I went to school with the nephew of the Russian guy that's in Armageddon, Minority Report, etc. When I was a kid, Jim Baker said Hi to me. That's as close as I've got.
Originally Posted by rs999 View Post
He's a real straight shooter, no monkey business, and the wheel swap at the Kohl's parking lot was quick and easy.
Originally Posted by GTI_likeurmom View Post
Well i did use a breaker bar to snug up that nut instead of a torque wrench.
Originally Posted by GreasyGinzo View Post
my subframe has been out twice without replacing any bolts and I don't have subframe clunks and my world hasn't ended and my car hasn't blown up.
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Old 06-28-2016, 04:06 PM   #30
FIA GT Champion
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Vince Wilfork in Target!

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Old 06-28-2016, 04:43 PM   #31
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Formula 5000 Driver
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Met Franco Harris in an airport bathroom when I was 10.
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Old 07-11-2016, 09:47 PM   #32
FIA World Rally Car Newbie
Drives: 2011 4DR GTI
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Back in the day, 1990s, when mtv was something. I was living in daytona beach. I met duff. Lenny Kravitz hung out with me and my buddies before he did his set.

I met Ted koppel in some little town in Maryland. I was really surprised because it was some speck on a map type place.
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Old 08-20-2016, 07:23 AM   #33
FIA World Rally Car Newbie
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Drives: 2011 K04 GTI DSG
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Location: The Rose of New England
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I met Matt Farrah of the Smoking Tire when I was at the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance a few years ago. He is a pretty cool guy.
'11 UG GTI 5-door DSG :: APR K04 v3.1 :: Unitronic intake :: APR RSC turbo-back :: Neuspeed TOP and charge pipe :: Neuspeed FMIC :: APR DSG tune :: H&R Cup w/ SS springs :: H&R 26mm F/22mm R sway bars :: UNIbrace UB :: TyrolSport hatch brace :: O.Z. Leggera HLT 18x8s :: Michelin Pilot Super Sports :: VAGCOM
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Old 08-20-2016, 07:55 AM   #34
Formula 5000 Driver
Drives: 2011 VW GTI w Sunroof
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Location: Concord, NH
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Anyone accidentally run into someone famous?

Just me and Billy Dee. He sat next to me at the bar in the Ottawa airport and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich.

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Old 11-01-2016, 06:01 PM   #35
Rally Car Champion
Drives: car
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Location: NH
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I ran into Ron Jeremys old ass at austin city limits last year. He was hobbling around with a cane in one hand and a hot ass 18 year old in the other
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Old 11-01-2016, 09:06 PM   #36
Touring Car Champion
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Anyone accidentally run into someone famous?

Took my friend's 5 year old to the bathroom at a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway. He peed next to Kevin Bacon.

Doc Gooden on a flight to NJ from Orlando.
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Old 12-20-2016, 03:39 PM   #37
Autocross Champion
Drives: 1981 MKI Scirocco 16V/2011 MKVI GTi
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Location: Nashville, Tn
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Met Kevin Bacon on the Adirondak Trail.
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Old 12-20-2016, 04:40 PM   #38
GolfMK6 Elite
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Drives: 2016 non DSGhey R
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I've been stage 2'd by Jawn, the OG Golfmk6 Postwhore
Originally Posted by jay745 View Post
car meets: helping awkward dorks get over their anxiety of meeting new people one thursday at a time.
Originally Posted by jgarcia1925 View Post
The elite and smart ones don't get fucked. Us plebeians do........... Thanks Obama!
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Old 01-17-2017, 07:33 AM   #39
FIA World Rally Car Newbie
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Drives: 2016 GTI TR 4Dr Autobahn
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Location: Bel Air, MD
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Saw and stopped by a NASCAR car parked outside of a local auto parts store on a late Saturday afternoon back in 2005 or so. My two young sons and I were the only ones there, except for the store employee who was sitting near the race car. I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but I like cars, so I showed the kids the car and the engine and they liked it. Then the store employee came up and started talking to us, asked us if we wanted an autograph, which I thought was strange. "No, thanks, we gotta head out. Have a nice day." About 5 minutes later down the road I realized the store employee was Ricky Rudd.
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Old 01-23-2017, 11:39 PM   #40
Drag Race Newbie
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Drives: 2011 GTI CSG
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Location: Woodbridge, VA
Posts: 45
I'm originally from LA and have met the following people :

-The Scooby Doo gang from the movie(my step-dad works for WB, so he took us to meet them).

-Shane Dawson at the Burbank Mall(youtube celebrities count?)

Met the following at a YouTube convention many years ago :

Epic Meal time crew
Ryan Higa
Tay Zonday
Tobuscus(I have a video with him on FB doing a shoutout)
Smosh crew

And of course, being from LA, I've seen/met Jay Leno about a million times. He isn't very shy lol.
2011 GTI MK6 - Dream Everyday Of The Mods To Come.

Originally Posted by kern417 View Post
DIY prep for Overfender Nationals 2016
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Old 01-24-2017, 03:51 PM   #41
Formula 5000 Driver
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Drives: 2012 GTI DSG
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Location: Buffalo, NY
Posts: 1,513
yeah i ran into someone famous. Im pretty sure I just hit Jared Leto in a crosswalk I hope he's ok
APR K04 V3.1, APR DSG tune, APR Intake, Uni intercooler, UR Catless Downpipe, CTS Chargepipe & TOP, W.A.L.K, APR 27mm Front and Rear Sways, ECS Dogbone insert, 034 Subframe Collars, Pedalbox throttle controller, 17" Fujins on Conti DW

Originally Posted by Doc Holliday
"You're no daisy. No daisy at all."
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Old 02-21-2017, 04:05 PM   #42
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Anyone know Jackie Chan? Been spotted a few time but too much people around him, cannot get the selfie or photo with him
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