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Old 12-23-2012, 03:39 PM   #15
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Originally Posted by nouse4aname View Post
Wow, 4 animals in an apartment? I remember in my apartment days there was always a small weight/number limit.

Since you've already got some behavioral issues with the existing dog, I would recommend some puppy training classes. Even if it's just at Petsmart. Though a good teacher at those knows that they're training the owner, not the dog.
The only issues is he chews things while we're out, I don't think training classes are going to help with that.

He already knows how to sit, stay, shake, speak, come, etc etc plus since Ares is so big we've got him trained so when he see's small kid he just lays down infront of them and waits for them to pet him and for us to say it's okay before he gets up and plays with them - we've got the training stuff down

Just can't really stop him from eating books if we're out >_<

And actually it's 5 pets, we have a third cat, I just never mentioned her because she isn't mine so her name isn't in the theme I've got going

The reason we're at the place is becaus the weight/size limit wasn't small. As of a few months ago it is though. They kept over watering the courtyard area (it's really shadey so the water doesn't dry as fast) because it's on the same timer as the other area's that are more sunny. So it got muddy. Large dogs running in mud = they're going to tear up the yard. We told them about it as it was happening and they said they'd do something, never did so there was a large patch around the base of a tree that got tore up, owner of the property came to visit, saw it, flipped out and now there's a size/weight limit. - They did create a little dog park though which was nice, but it's not as well lit at night as the courtyard is so the owners with solid black dogs lose track of them and can't stop them from running into the parking lot. They put a fence up around the sides by the road, but not the parking lot -_-

Anyway, we're moving next month or in feb, getting a house
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Originally Posted by GunKata View Post
"oh sorry, is that my dong hanging out there?! ?

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Beautiful pup, congrats!

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This thread is distinctly lacking pics.
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aww man that's a beautiful pup. I have a white one (not elbino) myself named Shelby (yup after the car). She will be 4 on valentines day she's my bratty little angel.

Few things I've noted if you want to know more about GS pups (my GS is my first dog, so there was a bit of experimenting/ learning)
- they shed like MOFOs, so get used to an abundance of fur (brush often!)
- They generally only have one alpha owner. Though I got her for my mom she only listens to me.
- socialize them with other dogs ASAP. Mine is a little jittery with hyper dogs and barks a lot at them. She had a bad experience with a shih tzu when she was a puppy.
- I think someone already mentioned socializing with humans (mine is amazing with people fortunately)
- This may depend on what habits you instill in your dog early on, but if mine doesn't get her 2 half hour walks a day (even in winter) she gets a little agitated. I know people who only walk theirs once a day, but for a big dog the more the better I'd say
- they don't like heat too much, but love snow and winter, so be careful on walks on hot days, keep a bottle of water with you if you're taking her on a long walk in the summer months.
- First few months they do chew a lot and get bored easily, you can try bitter apple or apple cyder vinegar or cayenne pepper (though my dog liked the pepper :s) it does go away. try to replace what they're chewing on with a nylabone (you will find yourself going for the hard ones very quick!)
- if you want to keep her out of trouble while your out of the house crate train her and phase her out of the crate as she gets older. Get the biggest crate as she'll grow into it by the time she's 1 years old. it will also help if you ever plan on kenneling your dog in my opinion. Mine was crated till she was 2.5 ish years old.
- you will hate terrible twos. but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
- at 1-1.5 years old a switch goes off and they will mellow out and become less bratty/ puppy like.
- Oh and watch who clips their nails, they will hate you for life if you cut to their quick (thank you petsmart) my friends german short hair had the same issue.
let me know if you have any other questions! and congrats!
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