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XB Install Tips and Quick Review w/UB

For reference my UB review is here:

I just intalled the XB to go along with the UB I installed about a week ago. The car is seriously solid now. Like for real it feels rock solid and there is no more creaks, squeaks or rattles of any kind even with my suspension. It rides so much more sporty now as the suspension can do its job easier with the stiffer chassis. The install is slow tedious work that took about 2 hours and wasn't that bad really and I'm 5'11" and just had my L5 S1 disc fused because of a nasty car accident but I am a little sore from working back there. Nothing a few Percocet won't fix. I have one piece of advise. Do not try to install it low enough as to try and salvage the bag holders on the back of the seats. I did this at first but behind the metal of the top holes is some more sheet metal that is too close and doesn't allow the nutsert to fit in the hole all the way. You may be able to drill that metal out to but I said fuck it no big deal I moved the bar up remarked the new positions and started drilling. I will get a rubber plug to stick in that empty hole. Take your time, take your time, take your time I can't say this enough. After I drilled each hole and installed the nutsert I put the XB in place and ran the bolts in each time to each of the new holes I just drilled to double check fitment and didn't have any misaligned holes when I was done. The nutserts themselves really aren't bad to install with the tool. The first one I ended up a little crooked but not enough to mess anything up. The hardest part is keeping the tool flat against the metal. Having a second person to hold the wrench would have made it easier but I managed even using a 1/4" drive ratchet (the leverage from a 3/8" or even 1/2" drive would have so much better). I wasn't sure how much to compress the nutserts I don't what would happen if you were to over do it but they are all tight in their respective holes. I didn't remove any interior pieces not even the seats. The only thing I did was remove the top torx screw near the seat belt so I could fold the carpet back enough to check for placement on the sheet metal. I drilled with a step drill straight through the carpet and installed the nutserts through the carpet as well. The carpet popped out of the nutserts on the 2 top holes but stayed behind on the bottom. The bottom looks factory I wish the top holes came out like the bottom ones because it really looks good though it doesn't matter because I have no need to ever remove the XB. If I need to haul something we have my wife's Jetta for that. In conclusion I am a huge fan of both of these braces they really are great. It reminds me of the first time I installed subframe connectors on my first fox body mustang. This isn't a go fast mod or even a mod that increases handling it just plain makes the car better and IMO more fun to drive. Anybody who truly enjoys driving their car really should just spend the money for these 2 bars.

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