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Old 05-17-2019, 08:01 PM   #1
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Stock GTI vs...

Anybody else running on a stock tune?

My car is about as slow as it gets for a GTI, it's a 4 door and a manual (though I'd argue it's the most fun spec of GTI). So this can be a comparison for others to see. Feel free to add your own stock (or close to stock) races to the list. Here are a few different cars I've run against:

-2015 Mustang V6 with a loud exhaust & a slammed FRS, who knows what mods he had

(This one was uphill so I had somewhat of a weight advantage. The Mustang and FRS were roll racing from 40mph, and I tried to join in from behind after they took off. I was surprised at how slow the FRS was (he was shifting like a civic driver), and I stayed right next to the Mustang. We slowed down for a red light, and I dropped to 2nd and got the jump on him and stayed in front till about 65ish when I slowed down because cops.)

-Walked away from a ~2010 WRX sedan with an STI wing getting on the highway

-BMW 430i xDrive is pretty close, but the GTI is a little faster

-Tried running against a '13 STI hatch that was definitely far from stock, he put a car length between us but didn't leave me in the dust

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Old 07-15-2019, 04:03 PM   #2
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Stock tune, but I have a lot mods that make my car lighter and really grippy tires.

Kill List (versus stock or little engine work.)
- 2009 Civic Si
- 2004 RSX Type S
- 2011 WRX (Was close lol)
- IS 250
- Any V6 american muscle car (Challanger, Camero, Mustang, walked away from them all lol)
- Wide body NSX (My buddies 94' NSX)
- FRS w/Exhaust
- 350Z

What I've lost to (obvious loses),
- GTR (He pulled so far ahead I couldn't even see him lol)
-- I couldn't see his car when the governor kicked in. I called him and we both couldn't stop laughing.

- C6 Z06 (similar outcome as GTR)

- 5.0 Mustang (He let me catch up, pass him, and he still pulled on me lol)

- 03 Cobra (Couldn't even hear my car over the supercharger)

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