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Old 02-05-2019, 10:31 AM   #1
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Exclamation Engine dies while driving

Owner of a 2012 Mk6 GTI Manual with an issue I can't quite figure out and was hoping for some advice. Bit of background:

In Dec 2018 I upgraded several parts in my car. K04, APR tune, DKM Clutch, crankshaft pulley, new radiator, and new spark plugs. In January the crankshaft pulley belt shredded, causing the crankshaft pulley to slip and the engine to jump time. The pistons slammed into the valves, bending them, requiring a complete rebuild (luckily the pistons didn't crack and the crankshaft wasn't damaged). Following the rebuild, a new problem started to occur: at >2700 RPM, during a cold start and before the engine reaches full operating temp, the engine jumps and lurches, almost like there is a misfire, but no codes pop up and the CEL does not come on. Idle is smooth. After the engine warms up the problem goes away, but occasionally, maybe once every other day, the engine turns off while the car is being driven. Like the RPMs will start to fall and hitting the gas does nothing. Basically the engine is only turning because the wheels are still spinning the transmission. I have to push the clutch in until the tach reads '0' then either drop a gear and dump the clutch or turn the key and let the starter restart the engine. Once I do that, the engine starts right up and I can keep driving. On two occasions the CEL has come on with a P2096 code but it went away on its own later. I took the car to a shop and they said there was some corrosion on the ECU pins, so they cleaned the pins and applied some grease to the pins to promote contact, but that didn't help.

Are there any ideas on what the problem is?

The engine torpedoed itself and following a rebuild, the engine drives rough when cold and occasionally dies while driving for no discernible reason. What do i do?
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Scan the ECU? Any set codes?

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mk6, mkvi, p2096

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