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Newbie - Minneapolis - 2011 GTI

Hey all. I couldn't find the 'newbie' thread for MN, so I thought I'd start one and introduce myself.

I live in the Minneapolis area and tomorrow, I am picking up a bone stock 2011 GTI DSG/NAV/Sunroof with 49k miles. It's basically a brand new car, owned by a 65+ year old guy who drives it 5 miles to work and back. Anyway, it's nice, but boring

I wanted to find out from group where I should be going in the Minneapolis area for performance mods/tunes etc... I'd also like to hear what you would suggest I do for standard upgrades without causing any long-term issues.

Appearance wise, I like it the way it is. So with the exception of some winter floor mats and maybe some interior lighting (LED) upgrades, I'm going to leave it basically stock.

Performance wise, (for now) I'm only interested in the basic 'Stage 1' tune with the optional DSG/Trans tune as well. This will be my daily driver, so I don't want to get crazy with suspension/exhaust etc.. I just want to get a bit more out of it than stock, but keep it simple, quite, smooth and 'calm'.
I've had many other cars in the past where I got a little crazy with the mods and made it almost impossible for anyone else to drive the car. I want to avoid that with this one.

This is also my first VW, so be nice.

What are your thoughts?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.


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Welcome, congrats on the car. A stage 1 tune is great for a daily driver. You're spot on about getting crazy with mods and actually making the car less drivable. Ask me how I know lol. Mine is terrible on the street, pretty much drive it only back and forth to the track now.
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