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Old 01-05-2017, 06:54 PM   #757
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Originally Posted by yuev87 View Post
Just brought my car into the dealer for the 2nd time and authorized a $1000 teardown fee for them to find the issue. Fingers crossed that they don't tell me everything's normal and have me cough up for the teardown. They did say that if the noise was coming from anything not related to wear and tear, the warranty would cover it.
Finally got my car back after two weeks. Dealership said they did find the slave cylinder was leaking and that my clutch was still serviceable but they recommended I replace it. They couldn't get me a free clutch under warranty, so if I paid for the part, they'd install it free of charge.

Total was $540 for the clutch kit. I thought that was pretty reasonable considering I just got a new clutch out of it. Here's the list if we're still tracking it.

1. allset 2010 (started at 2k now at 28k- happens cold and warm)
2. Carsfeverguy 2010 (am at 31000kms, started 2000kms ago-only on cold mornings, none after that)
3.HOLLIS 2010
4.Jordanka 2010 (Passat B6 in ON, CANADA) Cold/Hot - Squeals all the time, can be replicated easily
5. stevenchkim 2010 (started at 11.5K, now at 12.1k, happens mostly on cold, partial throttle, partial clutch out situations
6.GTI FOR ME (2011 howl/grone noise heard on COLD start up ONLY for 2/3 second with clutch depress or release started at 1K now 18K)
7. (. )( .) '10 gti, cold starts, mainly reversing on load, or first gear under load. same noise as michael.
8. HYDE16 (2011 CCTA MKVI GTI) Tested both TOB 1E and 1F (currently insalled) Cold - Squeals in 1st and reverse when moving from a stopped position and low rpms.
9. IHaveNoSpaceBar (2011 mk6) happens cold and warm, on hills, under load
10.Sieran (2011 GTI) - Started at ~5,000 miles only in reverse going up steep hills. Progressed as time went on and will now do it in 1st and reverse once transmission is "hot" or very cold (sub 40 degrees out, sitting outside all night).
11. iGTI (2010 GTI) Does it on on initial launch 1st or reverse my started doing it around 30k miles I currently have 35k
12. DRedman45 (2010 gti)-so far only once in sub 30 degree weather in reverse(only drove in these conditions once so far).
13. Ride106 (2010 gti) Noise developed around 24K. Noise presents itself on 1st or reverse starts under load; AC, hill, multiple passengers
14. Hadoukyuu (2010 GTI) Build 11/09. Noise since 2k miles stock. Still making noise at 1st gear and reverse on cold starts or under load.
15.PyRo H4cKeR (2010 GTI) Noise since 12k, stock. 1st, 2nd or reverse under load or cold.
16. Lloyd Dobbler (2009 GTI) Noise when cold, 1st and reverse.
17. Johnny_P (2010 GTI) Noise since 18k miles. Only under load in 1st or reverse and either cold engine or very hot from rush hour traffic. Tends to squeal on hills.
18. Gixr605 (2010 GTI) noise since 20k does it when cold and hot weather.
19. Dimitry (2010 GTI) at 20k now. Started around 17k. Only under load in 1st or reverse. Any temp.
20. kbrennan (2009 GTI) Noise since 40k. Only does it in cold weather.
21. Ltldevl (2010 GTI) Noise at 18K only in reverse on driveway slant. Now 24k and hearing it often in reverse and 1st.
22. Josuar88 (2011 GTI)
23. MerkXR4 (2010 GTI autobahn - can get issue to occur pretty regularly when dropping into a gear around 3,000rpm. Issue also occurs at other rpms, assuming when there is oil on the clutch)
24. MrMke (2011 GTI autobahn) - squeal stared about 16K miles, finally fixed under warranty at 27K miles.
25. VWTiger (2009 GTI) - squeal in reverse and 1st both under load.
26. GTI2.0-2010 GTI started at 30k in cold weather and got worse at 45k. In first and 2nd gears. $2000 repair bill and VW refuses to cover.
27. yuev87 (2012 GTI) - squeals in 1st and reverse under load when cold. Started making noise at 52k mi. Dealer covered labor and TOB under CPO warranty, I covered clutch kit - $540
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Old 01-06-2017, 04:42 AM   #758
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You may as well add me to that list

28. Laimface (2009 GTI) - Started 56k ,now 59k. Noise when car cold (any air temp), 1st and reverse.
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Old 03-01-2017, 06:43 PM   #759
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Me too - 2012 6spd, mostly in cold temps on cold/semi-cold start, started in Reverse only, then spread to 1st.

First time I heard it was actually not long after I bought it in April 2015, at about 23k miles. Got worse this winter at approx 45-50k miles.

Any warranty from VWOA? Will I have to pay the dealer for part+labor of VW's faulty part? Clutch labor alone is $1k...
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Old 12-20-2018, 02:32 PM   #760
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29. Wolffman316 (2012 GTI) - About to hit 86k. Noise when car cold (any air temp), 1st and reverse.

What are the odds this is covered under a 3rd party Service contract?
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Old 12-20-2018, 02:50 PM   #761
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Originally Posted by Wolffman316 View Post
29. Wolffman316 (2012 GTI) - About to hit 86k. Noise when car cold (any air temp), 1st and reverse.

What are the odds this is covered under a 3rd party Service contract?
Wow, just found this thread thanks to you. Thank you for digging it up.
I had a feeling something was wrong with my TOB. I've got a 2011 with 116k miles and it only does it on cold mornings for the first 5ish minutes of operation. No issues after warmed up.
This is just another reason for me to get up and change my clutch.
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