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Old 10-09-2018, 10:21 AM   #15
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Update: CEL hasnít come back on and the noise isnít coming from the turbo. Sounds the same as all the videos but itís coming from somewhere under the car. Hmhavent had a chance to really take a look but most likely a loose hanger or something of that nature. So Iím going to drop it off in the next week or so to have it gone through and have a downpipe put on with stage 1 tuning. Wasnít planning on it till spring but why not. Also going to keep a grand or so aside just case. CEL was probably just a little gremlin from changing the DV. I drove
Another 100 hard miles last night and itís running great. I also never felt a performance drop so not too worried anymore. Wish there was a way of finding out where the clutch is at. Iím at 82,000 miles and would like to space out 1000 doller mods but have a feeling that will be sooner then later. I already think the car is fun to drive but canít wait to tune. Next time something goes wrong I will figure out what it is before going off the deep end.
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Hope everything works out for you. I popped this code about 3 months ago, bad wastegate. I wasn't really losing that much boost and it didn't seem too major. I just replaced because I had the extra money set aside, however when the turbo was taken off there was quite a bit of oil leaking out of the turbo itself
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