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2012 MK6 GTI DSG-Cobb Accessport Stage 1 Review

Hey guys,

So I recently bought a Cobb Accessport for my mk6 and was very pleasing with the effortless install. My car is completely stock (Except for tires).

INSTALL: The install was very easy and took 10 minutes for the whole thing, the Accessport itself gives you instructions on what to do while you're installing. Also, the cobb website has various links to tutorials that explain how to use EVERYTHING on the accessport.


Upon startup the car was the same, my car was already warm so i gave it a few blips of the throttle... Holy Sh*t, turbo spool and little burbles for days. Sounded more aggressive with revs but nothing too crazy, you'll notice it if you've heard your stock exhaust for a while.

I set up the gauges to monitor boost, knock, IAT, load, voltage, and gear selected and they are very easy to read and convenient.


The car pulls so much harder compared to stock. The torque on Stage 1 shoves you in the seat and the car sounds so good. It pulls harder through the midrange and I would only believe that stage 1 high boost/Stage 1+ & Stage 2 would feel even better. Launched the car on a flat hill at 2k rpm and the accessport said: 5.426 0-60 and 2.33 60 foot. Not sure if that's fully accurate but i'll take it. For anyone who's going to say "No way I call bs" or "Oh you must have been going downhill my stage 2 can't even do that", I'll go out tomorrow and take some pictures of the 0-60 times and try to post them on here. Going to try out Stage 1 High boost tomorrow and will let you guys know how it compares to Stage 1.


Honestly this is the best and first thing you should do for your car, the guys at cobb are very helpful and their website will pretty much troubleshoot all your problems unless something major really F's up. I think the greatest benefit of this is that I can get my money back after I sell the car by selling the accessport which you can't do with any other VW tune on the market (that I know of). Also, I can conveniently flash back to stock when I need to take a trip to the dealer or let someone drive my car. A major benefit of this is if I want to upgrade to a frankenturbo F23t I wouldn't have already need to go get another reflash and spend even MORE money throwing away my stage 1 tune from all the other companies. I can spend 100-200 bucks and get a custom tune from companies like Freektune or Stratified which will give me even more gains as they can tweak and advance stuff for the extra mods I would put on.

10/10 would buy.
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