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Drives: VW Golf 2010 TDi
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Help - why my driverside headlamp bulb holder keeps melting

Hi there,

For the past few years I get a fault on my dash referring to a light bulb and need to know how i can stop it. It's a bit lengthy but will explain what happens below:

- Its on the driver side headlight bulb holder (and i'd say 3 in the past 3 years have melted)

- Whilst the bulb itself hasn't blown it will not come on when i start the engine (and may i say this is not always the case the bulb will not come on)

- When the bulb does go out I can easily get it to come on again simply by opening the bonnet, taking the rubber cap off the light unit then reaching in and touching the wire to the bulb (its not a loose cable by the way)

- This bulb will then stay on for the rest of my journey no problem (which could be a couple of hours or just a few minutes)

- When I turn the engine off and back on a bit later (say after a few minutes) the bulb doesnt come on again and therefore I have to perform all of the above to get it working! It seems to me the lights reset to a certain different position when the engine is off as i can hear/see them moving

- Eventually though (could be 9- 12months) even after the "wire wiggling" the light bulb holder melts and I just get a new one (however with the new MOT rules in place it will be harder to pass as will come up as a fault)

- It could go for weeks without an issue and all of a sudden play up

- I have had water ingress on the rear driver side unit where bulbs have ocassionally blown and have to take the light unit down and remove all the corosion then all will work again. Does anyone know where the rear water could be coming from by getting into the rear lights?

- Currently my reverse light is also out so (front bulb is currently ok though) so I will be cleaning everything down again soon

Anyone come across this or can help fix it?

Sorry for the essay! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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