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Originally Posted by Yakuzi View Post
Yeah cant really blame him, he's had to start having his son help out as well since he's so backed up apparently.

Looks great, digging the wheels. Which adapter kit are you using in the back? The one I'll be ordering for my rears doesnt have that little e-brake attachment.
Missed this post. Thanks for the thumbs up on the wheels.

I am using a Fabless kit.

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Originally Posted by Yakuzi View Post
Been pretty busy with life forgot to update this. Anyways, starting with the
pros and cons.


-The brakes work (after multiple bleed sessions and headaches, which I will discuss in the cons section), no spongy feeling as others normally tend to say they felt.

-They look massive.


-My rear crossover tube fittings were slowly leaking upon installation and bleeding the calipers. After multiple bleed and test drive sessions the brakes were still super spongy and obviously getting air in them. On the last bleed session I finally found that the rear crossover tubes were slowly leaking. I went through about 2L of Motul RBF600 because of this, constantly bleeding and trying to find a leak.

-Paint is EXTREMELY weak and not applied very well. Rob was nice enough to send an extra vile of epoxy paint, but Im just going to powder coat them all over once the seals inevitably leak and require a rebuild.

-Hardware isnt treated for rust very well. I washed the car after it sat stationary in my garage after installing the brakes. Rust. City.... Rotors, hardware, everything the water touched is now slightly orange/brown.


Now before the brakes were received, I obtained one picture of the final "brakes" on the floor (unlike multiple pictures of the process as advertised) and a free set of rear brake pads. That was very nice of Rob to send that.

When I got the brakes, the paint didnt match the picture I received, as in, my paint on the inside of the caliper was barely applied, and multiple blemishes on the outside. Whereas in the picture it was a full coat well done inside out. Although weird, I thought nothing of it and got to installing.

I contacted Rob about the leak, rust and paint on three separate occasions. We had a little back and forth (try torquing the crossover fittings down, use teflon, air dry after wash, rust is normal its bare metal, let the paint warm up to completely heal, etc.)

I asked him if these brakes went through a full test before being sent to me, because when I uploaded the picture of "my" brakes that he had sent me on my macbook, the file dated all the way back to February of 2017 shot on a Motorola Cell phone. He dodged the question and never addressed the photo file.

Eventually got the leak fixed at a hydraulic shop, he said he'd send me $50 as reimbursement if the leak stopped for "shits and giggles" prior to me fixing it. I didnt even contact him because at that point I was done. Waited four months and this is what I had to deal with.

I initially was going to purchase some used r32 brakes off him, but after this experience with the18z kit I opted out and went straight oem from VW instead. Nothing against Rob (he seems like a very nice guy), he was just busy and obviously rushed the brakes out to me, I understand to an extent. But in all honesty I just wasnt too happy with the product after the amount of time I waited after paying for them.

After all said and done, if youre willing to wait a couple months and run into some problems to get these to work, go for it.

Otherwise, I wouldnt recommend it.
Ahh, yes this sounds very familer.

My hardware is also rusted out. I went with Racing brake 2 piece rotors for the front instead. No rust on those thankfully but my cross over tubes also leaked and the paint on the inside is completely gone now.

While i love the way the brakes looks i really would recommend a different set of brakes and pay the extra to avoid the frustration with these brakes (from this company). I know it was a cheaper option but not worth the headache that i still have over a year later.
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