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Old 10-16-2018, 03:58 PM   #43849
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Originally Posted by Stg1needed View Post
That's what I was figuring, it was definitely the stock battery. Come to think of it, it was cranking slowly compared to my past vehicles but as the vehicle is new to me "2weeks" didn't think anything of it. Guess that makes sense as to why I got a code for de-energized performance to early ecm power relay code.
If you have a Costco membership the interstate h6 battery they sell fits perfectly . Has a #29 on the side . It's $120 after tax

Replaced my this past weekend

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Short Bus
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Did a quick toe adjustment... rear toe is still perfect so my thrust angle should be good. The front toe is now set at 1/16" total toe out, or 1/32 (.07 degrees) toe out per wheel.

I lost my carpenter square and I can't find my digital angle finder so I can't check the camber, but when one of those things shows up if I see that my camber is "close enough" I may not even bother with an expensive rack alignment.

Install complete:

Eibach Pro-Kit springs (paired with Koni Sport struts, as installed previously)
Eibach 26/23 mm ARBs (currently set to soft)
Meyle HD front ARB links
B6 Passat/CC/S3 spindles
ECS subframe collar kit
FAG front wheel bearings
B6 Passat/CC/S3 Lemforder ball joints
Lemforder tie rod ends

Other suspension upgrades previously installed: Audi TT control arm bushings, ECS upper strut mounts, Koni Sport struts

It goes straight down the road and initial impressions on how it handles are positive. The car rides about the same as it did before, maybe even a touch better, but I haven't had it on any bad roads yet.

I took my time installing all of this stuff and it looks like that time paid off. It all went on right the first time; no odd clunks or noises or other problems to speak of, it drives as it should.
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Jack Sparrow
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Bought the Sony XAV-AX5000 head unit. Will install this week and post pictures.
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