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Brobst DIY & review- Raceseng Contour shift knob

Hey everyone. Long time forum user now for the last 3 years and I wanted to do a product review. Bear with me as it is my first. Feel free to leave comments, questions, or suggestions.

To start, I am not an employee of Raceseng nor am I affiliated.
This was my Christmas present from my wife

WEIGHT \ 1.1 lbs. - 500 grams
HEIGHT \ 2 5/16" - 59 mm
DIAMETER \ 2" - 51 mm

Introducing Contour, a sphere shift knob with a grip ring that enhances shifting performance. The grip ring is an intentional ergonomic undercut below the sphere that provides an ideal location for your fingers to sit. Improved grip and 500 grams of mass combine to create a smooth and precise shifting experience.

Customize the Contour by selecting one of our unique finishes and optional shift gate pattern engraving (allow 3 days for engraving) in the box below.

The knob came shipped in a small sized box. The contents of the box were well protected from shipping damage with a nice foam piece and organized. Here is an unboxing video.

The contents of the box:
The shift knob wrapped in plastic for protection
The shift adapter in bubble wrap with its 4 set screws
Zip tie for securing the shift boot to the adapter
Order invoice and install instructions

Tools required for install:
Most of the tools are for removing the old shift knob
Interior trim tool
Screw driver or pliers for removing the old knob clip and removing the boot from the old knob
Size 3 hex key
Blue loctite
The instructions were pretty clear and straightforward. Since there is a DIY for removing the old knob, I will not cover that here.
With the old knob removed, the adapter fits nicely over the shift arm.Thread the knob onto the adapter to get the height and orientation of the knob correct. At this time, tighten the set screws to lock in the knob height and orientation. Remove the knob and tighten the set screws with blue loctite. Then I waited about 20 mins per loctite instructions to let it set.
Next, turn the shift boot inside out and place it over the adapter. Using the supplied zip tie, secure the boot to the adapter. Cut off the excess zip tie, and replace the shift boot trim into the interior. Lastly, thread on the shift knob and you are done. Wait about 24hrs before shifting hard to ensure the loctite is sealed.
My impressions of the knob:

Having never used a weighted knob before, I was excited to try one out. My friends rave about how the weighted knob makes shifting easier and more enjoyable. I must say, that this is absolutely true. For starters, when shifting from 1st to 2nd with the oem knob, at certain rpms, it felt like the knob would not really move. With the extra weight of the Contour knob, that shift is now butter.
The knob is a little smaller and lighter compared to other aftermarket knobs Raceseng carries, but it works well for me. I think if you like the feel of the shift knob in your palm as opposed to your fingers, then this one is for you.
I also really like the textured graphite finish. They have several finished types to choose from (beaded, brushed, metallic, gloss, translucent, & textured) but the textured feel gives me that tacky like feedback on the surface. Plus I think this surface roughness will help with hot/cold knob syndrome lol. The finish is all about personal preference though. With the graphite color, I think it blends in well with the interior, and could almost be mistaken for oem at a glance, as it does not overly stand out.
Plus the laser engraving is amazing. I love the shift pattern on the new knob, with the R doubling as a logo and reverse. Strategic.

The product quality is top notch, and I would recommend Raceseng to anymore in the market for a weighted shift knob.

For the Contour in particular here is a TLDR
intermediate weight
Palm shifting
clean finish
Textured surface

Large hands may want a larger shift knob
If you want something traditionally heavier (1.5lbs ~700grams), check out the other knobs
Now for the photos. Taking a picture of the knob without the glare was rather difficult, as the flash or the sun were both causing it.

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