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1.6 TDI Boost Sensor location. Help to find, plz.

Hi guys. I posted the same question to another forum too, so I'm sorry if you read and replied it already.

Can anyone help me to find the boost sensor on CR 1.6 TDI (engine code CAYC)?

Here is my story. I bought and installed a TDI-Tuning twin channel tuning chip box last week. I did all as explained in the installation manual: connected the fuel part of the harness to the common rail system and another one to air inlet sensor. As stated in the manual, "Depending on your engine variant, your boost sensor will be mounted on the air inlet manifold, intercooler outlet point or mounted on the intercooler outlet duct." They attached a vehicle specific instruction that pointed on the connector on the intercooler outlet pipe that can be only accessed from under the car (I had to remove a plastic cover covering an under trey). But the engine doesn't run as expected with the tuning box. It became louder, I hear detonation, spark knocks even with the slightest acceleration. It sounds like if you run on a low quality fuel and experience pre-ignition. That type of sound. I don't know if it's common for a tuned TDI engine.

I contacted the support and they sent me an end cap, so I can take the box off and send to TDI-Tuning for inspection. But while I'm waiting for the end cap to arrive, I search for answers and third part opinions. What if they pointed me to a wrong sensor to connect? I watched a youtube video where a guy shows the boos pressure sensor on his Golf. His engine looks like mine and the BPS is located another place. Could it be that the tuning box developers had wrong information about my engine and provided me with the wrong manual?

Please show me where the boost pressure sensor located on a 2012 1.6 TDI, engine code CAYC. I know that Audi, VW, Skoda have this engine in many cars, so I hope there are people who may share this information.
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boost pressure sensor

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