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Odd knocking when first starting for the day.

I really couldn't tell you how long this has been going on but every morning when I start my car it's fine. It warms up and idles at 750-500 rpm depending on the temperature. Although when I start driving it there's a knock by the fuel door. Granted I don't let it warm up all the way to operating temperature but I give it a minute or two to warn up then start driving carefully. This only happens at the first start of the day. Even when I park at work and it cools off and start driving again it doesn't do it. I recorded the knocking this morning and you can barley hear it in the video but it sounds like someone banging a nail into a piece of 2x4 in the distance that's honestly what I thought it was at first until it happened every morning. These mornings in New England are getting colder and colder and the knock is getting only slightly louder it's not louder as in it made me think "oh that's louder than usual" instantly but just enough to notice it after a while. I should add that it goes away after a couple blocks of driving. Completely stock besides the resonator delete and the smaller muffler delete. 2.5L auto. 66k miles 2010
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Completely normal, there is a check being performed on the fuel system to check for air leaks or if your gas cap is present, so long as there are no codes you're good to go.
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