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Dans GTI
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Feed back on owning Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 H452

I've seen quite a few people ask about Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 H452 High performance all season tires and how they compare to different tires. Owning set of these tires these (on my other car) this is my feed back after 20k miles. I bought these tires pretty much when they just came out and had no real reviews yet. So i ended up taking a gamble.

The Pros:
* Cheap and affordable tires
* Quite tires
* Great dry traction
* Responsive tires
* They feel safe and responsive in the rain (can't comment on snow performance, other reviews say they are horrible in the snow)
* I paid about $600 for a entire set (staggered rims) when comparable set from Michelin/Continental was near a $1000.

The Cons:
* Tread wear is horrible. After 20k miles of daily commuting the tires are at 6/32nds. The car is not a performance car and is solely a commuter. I fear there is only another 10k miles left on these tires.
In comparison my DWS06 tires on my Stage 2 GTI have about 25k miles on them and they have 7/32nds of tread left, but my GTI is pushed hard regularly and its been put through multiple mountain runs/spirited driving.
* I've had to warranty 1 tire through Discount Tire because the tread would not eat evenly. Causing the car to pull to the right.
* Poor QA, the replacement tire i received had a small bump in the bead and could not be mounted safely, thankfully Discount Tire sent a replacement tire the next day. Unfortunately i was still had to pay labor.

Would i recommend these tires? I would only recommend these tires as a "cheap" tire, as they are better and safer than the generic no name china tires.

If you can afford higher quality tires i would not recommend these tires at all. The tread wear is very concerning, the tires come with a 50k mile warranty but most people are lucky if they get 30k miles out of them.
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