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Old 11-13-2017, 09:12 AM   #1
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Idatalink Maestro in 2012 GTI Autobahn

So I took the plunge and purchased the Idatalink Maestro for my GTI. I replaced the stock HU with a Kenwood DMX7704s. Love the unit. My issue comes in with the factory integrated Bluetooth. I really wanted to keep the factory Bluetooth for hands free calls. I have followed all instructions and spoken to Idatalink to confirm I have it all set up correctly, but still I can only get the hands free calling to work through my kenwood not the VW Phone option. I completely lose the phone menu in the MFD. I also lose the navigation menu, but I am not concerned with that. '

The unit I am replacing is the RNS315. I have read conflicting information that this particular unit has the Bluetooth built in. If this is the case, it would make sense that I lose the VW phone hands free option. Can anyone confirm this, or possibly point out where I might have messed up? As of right now, the phone button and the voice activation button on my steering wheel are completely useless.

Like I said about navigation, I am not to worried about it. This unit doesn't have built in nav, but it does have Android auto and I will be using google maps for this. If it is possible to have this sent to the MFD that would be great, but it is not necessary.

If @phd-12v is still active, that would be super helpful as I think he works for Idatalink?
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The Yetti
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I am actually going to replace my RNS315 with an RCD330 and from my research it seems that the bluetooth is not in the radio but actually in the car. In the master thread for the RCD330 many users have found that their phone would still pair with the OG bluetooth connection rather than the new one and to circumvent that, you would just delete the original and connect to the module in the new HU.

As for steering wheel controls, I can't comment on that. For maps on the MFD, I believe anything outside of the VW nav, the MFD won't be able to read since its not compatible with the prompts.

Hope this helps!
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Check to see if you have a bluetooth module under the passenger seat, if not then it was probably built in. If you set it up properly, all of the kenwoods should show nav data on the MFD, but not with google/android maps, only with built in nav. Idatalink is great, but they don't tell you that you still need to run your own bluetooth mics and USB otherwise it won't work correctly. You can plug your phone/ipod into the MDI and play music from the head unit, but if you want track info and full control you need to run a new cable, which defeats the point if you ask me.
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