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Definitive Multi-Fuction Steering wheel (retrofit) parts list ?

Hey guys..I need some desperate help. Without the usual “search the threads” response (which I have searched) I am getting conflicting reports on whats needed on the Multi-function steering wheel retrofit topic.

I have a low line base golf and I have the following to make this work:

MFSW with all the interior “guts” (left and right switches and the inner module that they connect to that goes inside the steering wheel).
I have a highline BCM / CECM ready to be installed.

(I have oem Bi-xenons retrofitted by the way)

Now I am confused as to why I need a new cruise control stalk ? …if I do…is that all I need ? the stalk itself ? …do I have to change the wiper stalk as well or any of the modules the stalk connects to.

There are many conflicting reports and muli-piece threads about coding this, that and the other…I just would like a definitive parts list so I can bring it to a shop and they can handle the install and coding.

Remember…I have a lowline Golf 2 door.
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