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Old 01-11-2018, 02:42 AM   #1
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LED Headlight Bulb

I've searched and searched through this forum and can't for the life of me find anything that talks about people using LED Headlight bulbs in MK6 GTI's. I ordered a set of H7 LEDs on Amazon thinking it would be just plug and play like my buddies Mazda, but I realized VW has the weird adapter for the standard headlight. Anyone have any solutions for installing LEDs without wire tapping? The adapter I ordered that has wires coming off of it doesn't fit my LEDs nor will it fit any other normal LEDs.
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they dont install without wire tapping the only thing, becauee of the weird adapter that works are standard halogen bulbs. Plus most likely the LED bulbs you bought... allthough bright probably wont light up down road as far as your halogens. They arent really that good for headlights if they arent in a housing specifically designed for LEDs.

I would refund them if you can. Phillpis CRYSTAL visions and SLyvania ZXE give a ultra white look to match HID/LED and they are pretty close. They dont light up as far and as bright as HIDS but they give the look all while being safe and not blinding people..

If you really want more output/looks of hid/led DEAUTOKEY makes a hid kit with shield for reflector(halogen) housings that are not supposed to blind people... they are kinda pricy though at $150.
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^ yep far as i've tried over the years there is no cheating true HIDs inside of projectors at that.
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We appreciate you keeping our company in mind, we would not sell something unless it 100% worked, this review helps show some features of our HID kit in a reflector - it is in a jetta mk6 model but the MK6 GTI/GOLF is similar - the only difference is the no-tap adapters. Listing:


We currently don't suggest LEDs because they don't produce as much light, and not enough clean usable light, they normally cause glare also, if we find something we will be the first to sell them if we thought they were viable.
Search all LEDs for your MK6 GTI/Golf:

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