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2012 Golf 1.6 Optical Parking Question, and Helix Amp Upgrade or Sub?

Hey All,

I recently became the proud owner of alofely 2012 Match Golf 1.6 diesel and had a couple of questions.

The car originally came with an RCD 510 headunit in it, but a previous owner has removed this and in place put an old Kenwood unit (that has Sat Nav and looks designed for this particular vehicle) which I think is cr*p! Iíd like to install an RNS 510 instead but was wondering, is there a way to know if the car has an optical enabled control unit for the parking sensors? It has front and rear audio sensors, and the auto adjusting parking mirror if that makes a difference. The guy Iíve asked to install the RNS 510 has said it all depends if the module is an optical one or not and Iíd like to know before doshing out for an RNS 510 if possible!

Second question is about sound system. I was plannng on getting a discrete under seat subwoofer for a decent bass fill in, however Iíve recently read great things about the Helix Amp systems. Are these really mini-sub replacements that can give a good pump out of the oem speakers, or is a sub better if youíre looking for a bass fill in? Any particular ones recommended?

Thanks in advanced for any help and look forward to posting more.
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