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Looking for a catback to mate with a catted CTS downpipe

Just got the downpipe about a week ago and with the resonator delete I already had its just not a good sound. At idle and low speeds it kinda reminds me of a diesel truck which is definitely not what I want. I'm looking to either add a catback or maybe just a vibrant resonator or something similar if that would sound just as good because that is much cheaper.

I have found a couple videos of some catbacks (AWE, magnaflow, CTS) mated to other downpipes but its really hard to find exactly the same setups.

What are some of yalls favorite cat backs and do they match up well to a catted CTS downpipe? The CTS DP has no resonator so all mufflers and resonators are coming from the catback.

I'm really looking for a deep but solid/constant sound so that I don't get the diesel noise and rasp that I get from the downpipe and res delete.

I'm also looking for one that won't break the bank, thats why I'm also considering just adding a new resonator because that would cost much less. If anyone has videos of a downpipe with a vibrant resonator and stock muffler or videos of CTS downpipe with different catbacks please do post!

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Glad I didn't get the resonator delete. I have APR DP.

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catback, cts, downpipe, exhaust, resonators

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