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"Firestarter" -Unitronic & Carworks-

Greek, Drive Magazine tested Carwork's Unitronic Chipped GTI and was blown away by the results! Enjoy!

Test Drive: CarWorks GTI MK6


The very first Unitronic tuned mk6 GTI we tested makes its presence known by breaking the chronometers!

We have tested many TFSI tuned vehicles. Until today, we had never seen any real significant solution or difference from the other tuning companies, especially on the new engine platforms available through VAG and distinctively those with the TSI emblem.

Their differences are more than what one could guess or fathom. The new Bosch Motronic MED17.5 ECU was proving to be a big obstacle for many tuners around the world. This was not an issue for Unitronic Chipped!


The Canadian based company specializes in programming engine platforms within VAG, which stretch from Seat, Skoda, Opel all the way to Porsche.
Performance and reliability are tested and proven in their privately owned Engine Dynamometer just like the real Automakers. The philosophy is to make improvements that do not spoil the character of the car.

This exactly was the purpose of Petros Nousis of CarWorks for the white VW GTI. All luxury options installed from the factory, ranging from full leather seats/ sunroof package and the amazing DSG transmission combined with the DCC intelligent adaptive chassis. It is very obvious that this GTI is a no-compromise vehicle. Instead of going only for the ECU upgrade, Petros moved the project a step further. He replaced the stock turbo (K03) with turbo from Audi S3 (K04). A Eurojet Racing intercooler was added, which is rated for up to 600hp, but does not cause pressure drops even at lower power levels. The intercooler installs in the OEM location, taking its exact place, using even the stock bolt positions, this required no modification at all. Thus it was chosen as the best option. Throttle body pipe is from BSH and is the “True Seal” intake, along with the Larger Diverter Valve that is used in place of stock electronic one.

The exhaust is taken care by a full 76mm BlueFlame system, with 100cpi race cat and two mufflers. A necessary addition on TFSI/TSI engines is the Oil Catch Can system. Due to direct injection on the engine there is no fuel to drop and clean the intake ports and valves, so oil fumes return and remain on intake valves. A BSH Competition series catch-can system was installed.

The job of sewing this all together was handled by Unitronic Chipped. The ECU was tuned to maximize efficiency and guarantee perfect usability and long term reliability of the drivetrain. The ECU was flashed through the Direct-Port leaving the ECU still installed in the vehicle, while flashing through the Onboard Diagnostic Port.

Turbo boost can spike as high as 1.45bar. Though due to the inherent design of the turbo and to maximize efficiency and cool intake charges, boost would be not more than 1bar after 5,000rpm. You can see more details in the Dyno box later on.

In reality, what is amazing is the rate at which the engine accelerates with a steady pace up to redline.


We took the GTI to a straight road where we do all our testing and measurements, we were in for a good surprise!

Car seemed strong, but going for VBOX measurements without having done the dyno previously, we did not know exactly what to expect.

Finally, whatever our expectations where, they were too little, since CARWORKS’s GTI simply broke our chronometers!!

Without any drama at all, without any special effort, our 0-100km/h measurement stopped at the very impressive 5.3 second and the rest of our measurements continued to amaze us!
400m in 13.5 seconds and 1000m in 24.2 seconds.
Our excitement was later verified in our offices, after studying older measurements on other tunes.This GTI, is the fastest front wheel drive vehicle we have ever measured!!!

Until today, the title belonged to Seat Leon Cupra by Cargate back from 2008, with 5.7 seconds, 13.8 seconds and 24.3seconds respectively. So we took the car out again and did more testing, the GTI’s domination continued!

From 80-110km/h in 3rd gear it takes 1.9 seconds (Leon 2.0sec); from 110-140km/h in 4th gear 2.7 sec vs. (Leon 3.0 sec). To note CARWORKS states times are going to be improved after Unitronic finishes the new DSG programming on the DQ500.

If we compare the numbers not to our previous Champ, but to a stock GTI, the differences are disturbing! For example, 60-160km/h time has fallen from a Stock 12.9 seconds to Unitronic’s 8.3 seconds, that’s more than 4 seconds!

The stock GTI propels itself from 80-100km/h in 3rdgear in 3.3 seconds and from 110-140km/h in 4thgear 4.8 seconds. The stock GTI comparatively, is very slow, with numbers like 7.1 seconds, 15.0 seconds and 27.1 seconds respectively on the 0-100km/h, 0-400m and 0-1000m.

When driving calm, the engine never feels like its laboring to generate any sort of power, even showed very smooth acceleration in low rpms, while driving in high gear withnot much pressure on gas pedal, it felt very responsive. According to Petros, in everyday use, the car achieves lower fuel consumption than a stock GTI.

The very good handling of GTI in all sorts of roads and conditions has not been hindered in any way to note! Even with all electronic traction systems turned off, the GTI had no problem coping with everything we threw at it. Only when exiting very tight curves in full throttle at around 2,500-3,000rpm power comes strong and some exercised caution is needed and recommended. But with electronic stability systems on, there is absolutely nothing that would trouble you while you accelerate with the highest possible rate from one corner to another.

All this performance from CARWORKS’s GTI comes without the slightest disturbance of noise coming from the exhaust or intake. The exhaust system has a sweet and sporty note and is very enjoyable mashing throttle, but when cruising on the highway it produces no sound at all. If anything, you will be annoyed by aerodynamic wind noise and then by lack of exhaust noise!

The electronically controlled DCC suspension has not yet been subjected to any improvement, along with the stock 17” wheels it makes for a very smooth ride. In “comfort mode” really is great for the long haul and bumpy roads.


CARWORKS did not have an easy mission.
This GTI’ setup needed to be fast but at the same time comfortable, economic and enjoyable especially on long road trips.

What they came up with is simply the fastest front wheel drive car we have ever measured. Regular usage it consumes less than stock with the slight hindrance to comfort or drivability. Something tells us they DELIVERED!!!

UNITRONIC — Performance Software & Hardware for your VW® /Audi® / Porsche®
Web: | Tel: (866) 341-2447
Follow us on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Do you have a 2011 GTI tune for the US yet?
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Am I reading this correctly?

Unitronics Stage 3 K04 with intercooler and full TBE ran 13.5 in the 1/4 mile with a 0-60 mph of 5.3 seconds? The 0-60 seems ok but the quarter mile time seems a little slow. I would have thought a 13.1-13.3 was normal for a K04.

Am I missing something?
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I'm APR Stage 2 and ran a 13.6(street tires) @ 106.1mph Not too bad for a Stage 2, the 13.5 with a k04 is definitely kind of slow.
2010 2-Door CSG DSG GTi
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Hello mk6 owners!

In order to save you from some frustration, I would like to explain some things about the measurements:

1) The way the car was timed, has no relation at all with -lets say- a drag strip timeslip.

The way the magazine makes its measurements is very very different.
An empty old road next to the new highway is used, that has a ~1200m straight, complete with elevation differences, with potholes and patches etc.
Roads in Greece have the fame to be of the worst kind, so you can imagine the condition of an old, abandoned Greek road

We make one run in one direction, then turn around and make another run in the opposite direction.
The average time of the two continuous runs, one in each direction, is what is the outcome of the measurement.
Strange or not, this is the way that the magazine does all of its testing, since a long time ago.

2) Full weight car, absolutely nothing removed. All factory options present.

3) Two persons plus equipment inside.

4) Normal gasoline from a nearby gas station.

Former champion of this measurement for FWD was Revo's democar, a very powerful cupra tfsi, with forge wastegate and everything, dynoed 384hp, record untouched for two or more years. Other tfsi's with close to or more than 400hp where tested in that same road, but failed to beat that record.

The vbox operator was stating to me that with driver only, our GTi will do 5,0" for 0-100km/h all day, every day.

Editor in chief and everyone else went "WHAT??!?" when vbox operator announced the results to them, right after we left that old road and proceeded to meet the rest of the mag's team at the photoshoot place.

To give you a better example of the car's performance, when I race my friend's Audi S5 from stand, the GTi is in front and with ease and some car lengths difference until my friend ..quits
And tfsi K04's I test-raced also stay behind.

Car has a continuous torque pull and in high speeds it is rather ..scary.

I would say it is a very enjoyable little rocket that will bring lots of pleasure to anyone that has the luck to be able to do one like this.

Below are some pics (in imageshack slideshow) from the road used for measuring

And of course, for anything more you may want to know, just ask!

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do you have this exhaust available to the US at all?
Originally Posted by GTI787 View Post
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I think Forge carries BlueFlame in the States, but if you cant find one I'll be happy to serve you.
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Thumbs up

Just a heads up for those interested:

This GTi is now MUCH faster than when it was tested for the magazine.

The "vanilla" ecu tune directed for the VW dealerships (and on its way there broke all fwd records in the mag), has now given its place to a much more "manly" Unitronic version,
the one that will be offered by CarWorks and all Unitronic dealers across the globe.

I can definitely say that the difference is much more than noticable!
Those raw power videos I promised, they will be done soon, so keep an eye on this.


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Woww congrats
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