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Old 06-07-2011, 10:50 PM   #1
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My Stock Mk6 vs. unmarked Ford Crown Victoria & Why I'm holding off on Stage 1

Was sitting at this red light at the back exit of Cal State L.A. campus forever today, headed home, waiting to turn on Valley, a long stretch of industrial and usually somewhat deserted road that I like taking from time to time. Got onto Valley blvd., coast seemed clear and I gunned it, hitting around 65mph in a 35 in no time and within a minute or so, I see the flashing lights behind me.

Got pulled over by an unmarked campus police car. This guy seemed to be really excited to get some kind of action like this, unfastened his sidearm holster (no shit), demanded I give over license, reg, etc. and then shouted for me to "step out of the car please sir!". This guy was pretty pumped. I cooperated fully and he proceeded with the "do you have any idea how fast you were going?" round of questioning. He seemed to loosen up a little when I told him I was teaching on campus and had just finished my Masters and then he paused a little and said: "well, anyway, thats a nice car sir. GTI. I remember the first GTIs from waay back. A fast car thats hard to drive slow. Reminds me of when I had this Nissan 300 ZX in the 80s etc., quad exhaust, etc. etc." and at that moment, I knew I was free. Turns out he was a bit of a car guy and we got to talking about my car etc. and after telling me about a few fatal accidents he had seen on that stretch of road in the past year, he let me off with a warning. My lucky day.

First time in 7 months of ownership I've been pulled over, which is actually pretty good considering how hard it is to drive this car slow, and that is just stock. Seems to me like Stage 1 etc. will just push me over the edge and make it that much easier to get into trouble.
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meh, Stage 1 and intake, call it a day

Just save that shit for the track (drag, auto-x, or road course).
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Everybody knows GunKata > *.*

No GunKata, no care.

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nice. the first time i got pulled over i still had my temp tags on
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Haha nice. The first time I got pulled over the police officer accused me of stealing my car saying that it was my dads and I was like um no sir look a re registration again, my dad and I have the same name and both are on there and he was like um how do you afford this car because this car is sweet, I was like officer I work for a living just like you lol

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Originally Posted by zeonic View Post
nice. the first time i got pulled over i still had my temp tags on
Me too lol... after the cop settled down a little he finally asked well ....hows it running? I had to reply I guess a little too good and he sent me on my way. The PBA card helped alot with that one.
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Whoop Whoop.

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